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There's now an old Palm logo on mynewpalm.com... whaaaaat?
What. Is. Happening? Two weeks ago we found out that palm.com was redirecting to mynew...

Just what is mynewpalm.com?
Well, this is all together something unexpected. If you point your browser to palm.com...

HP is shutting down webOS cloud services — including backups, device set-up, and the App Catalog — on 15 January 2015
Well, it was bound to happen eventually, and now we know exactly the day when HP will ...

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0.99 CAD
Hip Hop Tones Version 1.0.0
Move your feet everytime someone calls your mobile phone. rhythm tones for your palm pre and pixi.

By Tagoror Networks

4.99 CAD
goRPN Version 1.2.3
Gorpn was created for the rpn fans' ease of every-day use, without all those bells and whistles functions you only used at school -- never used in ...

By FGS Technologies

DrugView Version 0.6.0
Drugview is an online drug information search tool. it is a simple search page with options to choose from several free online formularies (some ma...

By Palmdoc.net

The Ultimate Companion Version 2.4.0
Now with the ultimate companion you can have all you need in a dictionary/translator. everything from a dictionary to a thesaurus, to a translator...

By Magic Apps

0.99 CAD
Radio Bird (Half Off Sale) Version 1.3.0
(half off sale) please read entire description... radio bird brings you a new and easy way to listen to police and emergency scanners. with a sle...

By Magic Apps

eSuds Laundry Tracker Version 1.0.3
This application allows the user at any college with esuds to track and monitor current washer and dryer availability as well as provide the user w...

By Hantman Apps

Blackjack for WebOS Version 2.2.5
Sit back and enjoy the classic game of blackjack right from your phone. try to beat the dealer and count to you hearts extent. play with one deck...

By Magic Apps

Your Congress Version 2.0.0
With your congress you can look up all the united states representatives with an easy to use search. you can search by zip, name, state, or party. ...

By Magic Apps

AudioScape: Drums, Piano, & Soundboards Version 1.0.6
* new banks added! "electric guitar" & "sound effects 2". * tap the on-screen pads to play five drum kits, a piano, acoustic guitar, electric guit...

By Thing10

Yatzee for Palm's WebOS Version 2.7.0
Just like the game you know and love. try to get 3 of a kind, full house, or yatzee this game will keep you entertained for hours. shoot to beet ...

By Magic Apps

Track My Weight Version 1.0.1
Overview: track my weight is an application aimed at helping you, well, track your weight. featuring quick and easy entry along with log & graph v...

By Dragon Rider

BFG Maps Version 1.0.81
+donate at least $0.99 and ads will be removed(you enter your email into the help screen and tap the yellow triangle, after your donation has been ...

By WatchMeFreak.com

3.99 CAD
Mothers and Babies Version 1.1.17
Mothers & babies is an app for parent to monitor and track their children's growth with growth charts, using the first timers feature to track reco...

By Victory Link USA

2.49 CAD
TrackMyWork-Full Version 1.0.15
Available in: english, german. trackmywork is a time tracker for collecting your working hours especially for employees. you can check in & out per...

By Klaus Reger

Internet Radio Version 1.0.2
**this app was developed by a palm hot apps winner developer** internet radio is a robust music application used to tap into thousands of online r...

By Casey Broome - L337tech.com

0.99 CAD
Internet Radio Pro Version 1.0.2
**this app was developed by a palm hot apps winner developer** internet radio pro is just like internet radio but without the annoying ads. inter...

By Casey Broome - L337tech.com

Twitscoop lite Version 1.0.5
The successful twitscoop.com algorithm is finally available on your webos device! thanks to twitscoop, keep up with breaking news, have fun followi...

By Nova-box

Toronto Subway & RT Version 2.0.0
"toronto subway & rt" displays a map of the toronto subway and rapid transit system located in toronto, ontario, canada. view the map in more detai...

By B3-IT

1.35 CAD
GPS Trip Panel Version 1.1.3
**a winner of palm hotapps contest!!**new reduced price for the holiday season! happy holidays!** gps trip panel is a robust gps application used ...

By Casey Broome - L337tech.com

2.29 CAD
Tunes for Palm Version 1.0.0
* the first itunes viewer application is now available in palm. * and now you can easily search your favorite song or artist or both. * in artist y...

By Infinite Appz