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HP is shutting down webOS cloud services — including backups, device set-up, and the App Catalog — on 15 January 2015
Well, it was bound to happen eventually, and now we know exactly the day when HP will ...

A webOS smartwatch from LG would prove just how right we were!
If you can dream it, you can do it. Source: The Verge

Announcing the winners in our 15 Years of Mobile Nations contest!
September 9th, 2014, marked 15 years since the Mobile Nations story began, with the la...

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Applications in Action / Adventure category
7.99 CAD
Guitar Hero™: Warriors of Rock Mobile Version 1.0.1
Transform from rock star to rock warrior in guitar hero™: warriors of rock. master setlists in the all-new career/quest mode until you're ready to ...

By Glu Mobile

1.99 CAD
Love Hurts Version 1.0.4
Caution – you won’t be able to put down this stylish and action-packed game about love adventures of romeo! poor romeo... for him, love does hurt...


1.99 CAD
Pokemon (Keys) Version 4.8.1
500 pokemon monsters - pictionary with a bot. join the 400,000 plus who have downloaded keys apps.

By tEarn Media

1.99 CAD
Duck vs BP Version 1.0.7
Caution – extremely addictive and amuzing! this game is all about having fun, learning new things and saving the world. in a pollution-infested...


0.99 CAD
Super Methane Brothers Mobile Version 1.0.0
In this remake of the amiga classic, brothers puff and blow are armed with a methane gas gun capable of firing clouds of immobilizing gas, battle a...

By Mobila Interactive, LLC

1.99 CAD
EVAC Version 1.0.1
The only way out is the way through! break out and take revenge! run for your life through colorful neon mazes, chased by countless and ever-vigi...

By Hexage

0.99 CAD
rRootage mobile Version 1.0.0
Survive the bullet hell and defeat the bosses in the famous abstract space shooter by kenta cho. - 4 game modes - 40 levels ( 160 levels combinatio...

By Mobila Interactive, LLC

Drop Flowers Version 1.0.9
In this game you need to touch the correct color before the flower touches the basket.

By DS Effects

Lost in Space Beta Version 1.5.0
Now compete against the world to see who can get the best score... lost in space is a fun little space shooter. try to see how long you can go wh...

By Magic Apps

FreeFall! Free Version 1.0.3
Classic arcade style game from the 80's. get the stars to increase your score multiplier and avoid the o's. last as long as you can! the standard b...

By Bradley Graber

Alien Switch Version 1.0.9
Press the switch buttons to switch the aliens around and collect the correct coloured objects.

By DS Effects

Monster Cups Version 1.0.9
There are three cups and one little monster, the monster will hide in one cup that will let you know, the three cups will move randomly, you just n...

By DS Effects

1.99 CAD
Brain Blaster Version 1.1.9
Brain blaster attempts to warp your thought process by displaying a word of a color in a different color. your object is to press the correct butto...

By Merkel Apps

Babel Version 1.0.9
The goal of this arcade game is to build the highest possible tower of babel. blocks will hang from the top and when you tap the screen the block w...

By DS Effects

0.99 CAD
lapcounter Version 1.0.0
Have innumerable fun!

By A.Koehler

FighterCards Version 1.0.4
Fightercards is an image puzzle game where you put the mixed up image pieces back together. all images and captions are taken from the official un...

By Mike McElligott

BomberCards Version 1.0.4
Bombercards is an image puzzle game using pictures taken by the united states air force of their bomber equipment. information about each picture ...

By Mike McElligott

0.99 CAD
Bricks Touch Version 1.0.0
Classic break bricks game, slide your finger to move the paddle.

By DS Effects

0.99 CAD
Balloon Version 1.0.0
The balloon want only go up. touch the screen to the left and to the right to avoid the barriers.

By DS Effects

1.99 USD
Paratrooper Version 1.6.1
Parachute your troopers to safety with this new and improved paratrooper! lean your device from side to side to adjust your troopers fall, but it's...

By Kaboom Apps

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