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There's now an old Palm logo on mynewpalm.com... whaaaaat?
What. Is. Happening? Two weeks ago we found out that palm.com was redirecting to mynew...

Just what is mynewpalm.com?
Well, this is all together something unexpected. If you point your browser to palm.com...

HP is shutting down webOS cloud services — including backups, device set-up, and the App Catalog — on 15 January 2015
Well, it was bound to happen eventually, and now we know exactly the day when HP will ...

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Applications in Social category
Kosher2Go Version 0.6.5
Powered by the shamash.org kosher database (the world’s largest most accurate kosher database), kosher2go provides access to over 2700 kosher esta...

By Rocketouch

WMF GivesMeHope Version 1.0.0
Givesmehope is a website that is more of a positive version of fml, this app allows webos users to experience the posts & later versions will hopef...

By WatchMeFreak

0.99 CAD
Local Events Version 1.0.0
See what events are going on in your area! happy hour, social events, speed dating, a giant movie premiere, the ideas and events are all laid out f...

By Space Cash

2.99 CAD
Gig Diary Version 1.1.2
If you’re ready to take control of your musical engagements, gig diary can help you. start gigging the way you like by managing your bookings in e...

By cellHigh

0.99 USD
Beer Knurd - Flying Saucer UFO Club Version 1.1.5
This is it, the unofficial, flying saucer, beer knurd app. this wonderful app (for beerknurd members only) assists you in your quest to 200 beers b...

By Sinime

4.99 CAD
#1 Wines of The World from DK Version 1.0.0
The #1 wines is the ultimate companion on wines from australia, california, france, spain, italy, chile, argentina, and more. with concise and aut...

By Mobifusion Inc.

3.99 CAD
The Bhagavad Gita Version 1.0.0
"not just a literal translation, but the most authentic transcreation of the bhagavad gita read the original sanskrit slokas, alongside its englis...

By Mobifusion Inc.

4.99 CAD
Ah!Oh! Kama Sutra to-Go Version 1.0.0
The kama sutra has shown us the art of love for generations. now learn and enjoy its pleasures on your mobile!

By Mobifusion Inc.

1.99 CAD
How Drunk? Version 1.0.1
Have you ever thought about how drunk you really are? now you have a chance to stay updated all night long with "how drunk?" for your webos device...

By DP Mobile Solutions

Women of Europe (Keys) Version 4.8.3
Salute to the women of the world. part of the world discovery series. coffee-table app to save a shrub, a can of oil, possibly a dolphin, and one m...

By tEarn Media

Remembeer Version 1.1.1
Track and rate the beers you drink. no more trying to remember the name of that microbrew from last night, just check your log and see how you rate...

By Gelb intergalactic

WTF Net Slang Dictionary Free Version 1.0.7
Omg... lol... with the coolest graphics and topics such as business slang, online jargon, harsh stuff, text lingo and every parent should know – th...


Groupon for WebOs Beta Version 1.0.2
This is an app for groupon.com. it uses feeds and apis from groupon.com. it has cool features like sharing a deal via email/text, mapping redeemabl...

By Prenewbie

0.99 USD
ZenSearch - Craigslist Mobile Browser Version 1.3.2
Searching craigslist has never been this simple - with this easy to use, yet powerful, application, you can quickly browse craigslist to find what ...

By Gabriele Nizzoli

Attrakdoor Version 1.0.1
Many people want to visit the hackerspace of the chaos computer club / attraktor - but not everyone owns a key for the entrance door. you are gett...

By Robert Kowalski

Thanksgiving Tour (Keys) Version 4.8.3
Tour of thanksgiving around the usa. bots show pictures sourced from thousands of web users. you guess the city. addictive learning game pits ma...

By tEarn Media

Chicken Recipes of Asia (Keys) Version 4.8.3
Chicken recipes from asia. one app of the 50-app collection of 25,000 recipes. each coffee-table app download saves a shrub, a can of oil, possibl...

By tEarn Media

1.99 USD
5001 Amazing Facts Version 1.1.2
Caution – extremely interesting and addictive! did you know that 0.7% of the world population is drunk at this present moment or that numbers 1 to...


grpn Version 1.0.0
Groupon™, the oh so popular daily deals service comes to webos! presenting, grpn, a super light weight and fast groupon™ client which lets you quic...

By Staersoft

0.99 CAD
grpn - donate Version 1.0.0
If you enjoyed the fully functional free version of this app, please purchase this donation version to show your appreciation. if you haven't tried...

By Staersoft

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