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There's now an old Palm logo on mynewpalm.com... whaaaaat?
What. Is. Happening? Two weeks ago we found out that palm.com was redirecting to mynew...

Just what is mynewpalm.com?
Well, this is all together something unexpected. If you point your browser to palm.com...

HP is shutting down webOS cloud services — including backups, device set-up, and the App Catalog — on 15 January 2015
Well, it was bound to happen eventually, and now we know exactly the day when HP will ...

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0.99 CAD
Fractions Brain Version 1.1.0
Do you need a calculator to work out your shopping bill? are you frightened of fractions? would you like to get some practice in doing arithmetic w...

By Holland Numerics Ltd

0.99 USD
Appbox Version 1.5.0
Limited discount: the app will be on sale for a limited time. buy it today. whats new (v1.5.0) added two new apps. 1.blood pressure recorder app to...

By Code Beyond

0.99 USD
InstaCall Version 1.0.6
The fastest way to contact your favorite person! just tap the app icon to call or text the one person you talk to the most. do you have someone ...

By Chofter.com

0.99 USD
Meishi Version 3.2.0
Welcome to meishi – the favorite and speed dialer for palm pixi & pre. favorite and speed dial your best contacts with this visually rich app. meis...

By Lemon Sanver

Wahrheit oder Tat (light) Version 1.2.6
Wahrheit oder tat - auch bekannt unter den namen wahrheit oder pflicht und flaschendrehen - ist ein besonderes spiel für ihr palm-handy. zusammen m...

By Tamoggemon

0.99 CAD
English Bash Elite - bash.org Version 1.0.5
This is the premium version of english bash. you should try the free version first before buying this. features included but not in the free versi...

By LIEBL Software

0.99 CAD
Call Now Version 1.0.1
Launch the application and it will dial the saved phone number immediately. just one tap, no more step! please contact us for any feedback at palm...

By Cyber Nova

0.99 CAD
Statter - WebOS Information Center Version 1.1.0
*update: what's new? read further down.* statter is designed to be an all-in-one webos information center. get the current gps status, current inte...

By LIEBL Software

Add Bubbles FREE Version 1.1.0
Destroy bubbles by selecting them so that their sum adds up to 10. don't let the falling bubbles touch the floor

By DS Effects

0.99 CAD
NJ Transit Version 2.0.0
New jersey transit timetables and more on this convenient app! the service is in real time, so you always get the latest times, even when service c...

By James Derek Tate

weTwit Lite Version 1.1.3
What is wetwit lite? wetwit lite is a twitter utility to post "tweets" and read those sent by your friends. what is twitter? twitter is a servi...

By Cyber Nova

1.99 CAD
Subway, Chipotle, & Burger King Locator Version 2.0.0
This locator primarily uses the your screen to find the nearest subway, chipotle, and burger king. you get the latest data, since it comes from the...

By James Derek Tate

1.79 CAD
Fitness Dictionary Version 2.0.0
Do you workout regularly, or are you just beginning to workout? this dictionary covers all the basics, and more, to train each part of your body. ...

By James Derek Tate

1.79 CAD
Surf Report Version 2.0.0
Surf report brings several resources at the palm of your hand: surf report, surf forecast, surf buoy reports, and more! surfing forecast, surfing r...

By James Derek Tate

0.99 CAD
Math Flashcards for Kids Version 1.0.1
This beautiful and easy-to-use app is designed to teach your child basic numbers 1-25, through a system of highly interactive flashcards (number ca...


1.29 CAD
Ivy League: 10 Tips To Get In Version 2.0.0
This strategy app tells you in a few paragraphs what most books attempt to tell you in hundreds and what college counselors sometimes charge thousa...

By James Derek Tate

Start The Day With Power Version 3.0.0
How would your life change if you started every day feeling energized, positive, and ready to grab life's opportunities? start the day with power...

By BreakingArt.com

SFR Mon Compte Version 2.0.0
Gérez votre compte mobile sfr et celui de vos proches: - consultation du crédit de communication et des dernières factures - accès au détail de vo...


2.99 USD
LJ for WebOS Version 1.2.3
Lj for webos is a livejournal client with support for viewing your friends page with comments, replying to posts, and making posts, including uploa...

By gregstoll.com

First Kisses FREE Version 1.1.0
You and your girlfriend are trying to kiss without getting noticed by other people. just touch the screen to keep kissing as long as you can. avoid...

By DS Effects