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There's now an old Palm logo on mynewpalm.com... whaaaaat?
What. Is. Happening? Two weeks ago we found out that palm.com was redirecting to mynew...

Just what is mynewpalm.com?
Well, this is all together something unexpected. If you point your browser to palm.com...

HP is shutting down webOS cloud services — including backups, device set-up, and the App Catalog — on 15 January 2015
Well, it was bound to happen eventually, and now we know exactly the day when HP will ...

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Applications in Women category
3.99 CAD
Mothers and Babies Version 1.1.17
Mothers & babies is an app for parent to monitor and track their children's growth with growth charts, using the first timers feature to track reco...

By Victory Link USA

0.99 CAD
Sounds for Sleep Version 1.0.9
Sounds for sleep includes 6 very high quality sounds of nature. these sounds include a soft rain, sounds of a beach, rain forest, seaside, a thunde...

By Merkel Apps

Chicken Recipes Americas (Keys) Version 4.8.3
Chicken recipes of the americas. one app of the 50-app collection of 25,000 recipes for pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, shrimp, fish, lobster......

By tEarn Media

Breast Cancer Risks Calculator Version 1.0.1
The breast cancer risk assessment tool is an interactive tool designed by scientists at the national cancer institute (nci) and the national surgic...

By Big Clap Inc

AHRQ ePSS Version 1.0.15
Overview the electronic preventive services selector (epss) is an application designed and developed by the u.s. department of health & human servi...


0.99 CAD
Breast Cancer Risk Calculator Version 1.0.1
This tool uses a medically validated tool to calculate the risk of breast cancer in women older than 35 years using a national cancer institute pro...

By Eywas Basket LLC

1.99 CAD
Time Until Clean Version 1.0.1
Time until clean tracks how long various drugs will be detectable in your urine. simply enter the last date you used a drug of abuse, and the app w...

By Merkel Apps

Relax on the Beach! Version 1.0.3
Do you feel exhausted? this app helps you calm down! it makes you feel as if you were on the beach, listening to the roar of the surf and having a ...

By Hendrik Richter

Relax on the Sea Version 1.0.3
Do you feel exhausted? this app helps you calm down! it makes you feel as if you were on the beach, listening to the roar of the surf and having a ...

By Hendrik Richter

0.99 CAD
Contraction Time Version 1.0.0
This app is for expectant mothers and everyone who helps expectant mothers time their labor contractions. of course you can use a watch and paper,...

By Grau Coastal Construction, Inc.

tell my secret & Secret Out ! Version 1.9.1
New in 1.6: 1, new comment system, choose ur icon 2, enter secret by id 3, add category new in 1.1: 1, fix the comment problem, users could read c...

By Appwill

Lift the Fig Leaf Version 0.2.0
Lift the fig leaf and check those figs. klinefelter's syndrome is the most common chromosomal abnormality in men yet it is the most under-diagnose...

By db.web.os

2.99 CAD
Build Self Confidence Hypnosis Program Version 1.0.0
The self confidence app helps you to be more comfortable with your body. it helps you to improve your self confidence in all ways. this program he...

By EHYP Productions

4.99 USD
BabyBump Version 1.3.0
Babybump is a pregnancy app that keeps you informed about your pregnancy and provides feature-rich tracking tools. profile/countdown: ✔ enter due ...

By Alt12 Apps, LLC

1.5 USD
Baby Data Version 1.0.0
Baby data is your mobile digital passport. its always with you wherever you go, no need to pack around a note-pad or computer. in the current rel...

By Squint INC.