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Fitness Counter Pro

Application details
Version 2.0.1

Fitness Counter Pro

0.99 USD

Application for quick calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index) and approximate calories burned for a selection of common activities using MET (metabolic equivalents). Can be use with either metric or standard units. Includes logging for calories burned and calories gained. Also includes timer that can be used to time activities.


Publication date : 12/9/2010 4:07:29 AM
Package name : com.apptech.fitcountpro
Supported devices : Palm Pre, Palm Pixi
Minimum OS : webOS 1.4.1
Package size : 1.5 MB
total Accounts : 0
Total Comments : 0
Total Downloads : 0


Channel : Palm catalog

About developer

Developer : AppTech
Developer URL :
Support URL :



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