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NES Emulator created for Windows Phone, Microsoft doesn’t like it
Matt Bettcher has created, what looks to be, a very impressive NES emulator for Windows...

Introducing the Eden UI
We are likely to see the launch of the Notion Ink Adam at CES next week, but until then...

QOTD: What’s your digital New Year’s resolution?
What is your digital New Year’s resolution? Mine is to not swap smartphones quite...

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Applications in Current / Breaking category
News! Version 2.4.0
Enjoy our top-rated & easy-to-use news app that more than 42,000 others have downloaded! tons of news feeds and websites to choose from! (see parti...

By puggleware

Picture News Version 1.0.2
Picture news - rss news reader for palm pre. public beta. problems, suggestions - please email: [email protected] | content provider: yahoo.com **...

By forwebOS.com

0.99 CAD
news ! Version 1.1.0
From the top-rated & easy-to-use puggleware news app (with over 42,000 downloads!) emerges the next generation of our handy little app, packed with...

By puggleware

My Feeds Free Version 1.0.3
My feeds free is a free rss news reader that works standalone or with your google reader account. to access your google reader feeds simply login w...

By JM Productions

1.99 CAD
SeismiX - The Earthquake Monitor Version 1.0.0
Seismix shows the current earthquake activity from around the world. for people with interest in worldwide or regional earthquake activity or hav...

By appsWerkz.com

Democracy Now! Version 1.0.0
Now you can listen or watch democracy now! anywhere on the go! access democracy now's current news headlines, audio or video podcasts with ease. ...

By Yellowfin Solutions, LLC.

4.99 USD
NewsRoom Version 1.5.1
Newsroom lets you keep up with all the latest news, right from your phone. with its dynamic interface and exclusive back end, newsroom is the faste...

By Trileet, Inc.

NZ eq Version 0.1.0
Displays up to the minute earthquake information for new zealand, detailing time, size, depth, and map location. all data sourced from geonet (www....

By Haumohio

1.99 USD
Weather Dashboard Version 1.3.2
Weather dashboard is a webos dashboard application that displays the current temperature & conditions as well as the forecast for the next day in a...

By SuperGigaMega LLC

webOSroundup To Go Version 1.0.5
Presented in english. ** fixed bug in creating new comments ** webosroundup.com is the premier source for news, app reviews and tips for getting th...

By webOSroundup

webOSroundup Beta Version 1.0.4
Presented in english. webosroundup.com is the premier source for news, app reviews and tips for getting the most from your palm webos devices. th...

By webOSroundup

World Facebook (Keys) Version 4.8.3
A coffee-table app for edutainment from keys; and a new way to learn about the news and events from around the world. join the 400,000 plus who ha...

By tEarn Media

NYTimes rss + Instapaper Version 1.0.2
An experiment with yahoo pipes to display the politics and green rss feeds from new york times and allow one to save articles to instapaper.

By DaveCo

Le journal du Geek Version 0.3.4
Le journal du geek - application for palm webos - french high tech news

By ScienceApps

Automotive News Mobile Version 2.0700.13648
Automotive news mobile offers real time access to 12 automotive industry news & video feeds. also customize your app through "my feeds" news & info...

By Handmark, Inc.

News Radio for webOS Version 0.9.3
News radio is a webos app for viewing and listening to npr news and information. read news from popular npr shows and listen to the streaming audio...

By AEI DataWorks, Inc.

TechTray Lite Version 0.7.777
Keep up-to-date on the latest news, entertainment, and technology headlines with techtray lite!! a rss/atom feed reader that allows you to quickly...

By KlikTray, LLC

0.99 USD
TechTray Version 1.2.211
Keep up-to-date on the latest news, entertainment, and technology headlines with techtray! a rss/atom feed reader that allows you to quickly brows...

By KlikTray, LLC

FeedReader Version 2.0.2
Feedreader is a powerful and free rss feed aggregator and podcatcher. it supports searching both feeds and story titles and updates feeds in the ba...

By Timo Tegtmeier

0.99 CAD
Quaker Version 1.0.2
Keep up on earthquakes happening around the world. using quaker for webos you can have us geological survey (usgs) updates right at your fingertip...

By RBT Development

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