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Next version of webOS targeted for late May or early June; More PDK apps en route
Palm has given developers the heads-up that a "webOS Update [is] Coming Soon"...

HP thinking big: webOS on 'other' devices
 We know that HP is hot-to-trot to get webOS up and running on a tablet/slate devi...

HP Kills Windows 7 Slate
Looks like HP's desire to make a webOS Tablet is deadly-serious. According to a source ...

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Applications in Discovery category
Grooveshark Version 1.1.2
Grooveshark gives you access to millions of songs, streamed right to your phone. search the songs you want, save playlists, and favorite the tunes ...

By Grooveshark

Tap Tempo Version 1.1.4
This is a simple app that allows you to find out the tempo of a song by tapping along with it. other uses that have been mentioned are taking your...

By Bradley Graber

Groovee Free Version 0.6.0
Groovee is a webos application for the popular online music search engine and music streaming service grooveshark. search through millions of artis...


3.99 CAD
Pocket Playlists Version 1.0.0
Create your own playlists using the library of music already on your device. no need for an internet connection...no limits...your playlists are o...

By MobileAppMakers.com

Lyric-A Pro Beta Version 1.3.1
Ever had a song stuck in your head and couldn't think of all of the lyrics. wish you had a way to have all the words to your favorite songs with y...

By Bowden Apps

1.99 CAD
Top 100 on iTunes Version 1.0.1
Updated daily listen to all of the itunes top 100 tracks, updated daily. who has the #1 song on itunes this week? what song is climbing the itune...

By Melodeo, Inc.

RadioTime Version 1.0.9
**attention: if you are having problems downloading the application, inform palm support at palm.com. we do not control the app catalog and cannot...

By RadioTime Inc

1.39 USD
Radio Hibiki Version 1.1.00
Harness the power of streaming online radio with more features than the competition using radio hibiki: full song/artist display for *all* shoutc...

By Operation 9

Pandora Radio Version 1.0.4
Pandora radio is your own free personalized radio now available to stream music on your palm pre. just start with the name of one of your favorite...

By Pandora

MetalFan Trial Version Version 1.3.03
Metalfan is the right app for people who like it to hear hard and loud music. so don't hesitate, rock on and try the app...

By Tamoggemon Ltd

AccuRadio Version 1.1.1
Accuradio is the new internet radio app for the palm pre that features hundreds of great-sounding channels of rock, pop, jazz, country, bluegrass, ...

By AccuRadio LLC

1.25 USD
Lyric-A Search Version 1.3.1
Update: better artist song search and orientation change available for reading lyrics. ever have a piece of a song stuck in your head but you cou...

By Bowden Apps

1.99 USD
Groovee Version 0.5.0
Groovee is a webos application for the popular online music search engine and music streaming service grooveshark. search through millions of artis...


Suggestune Version 0.1.2
Play the web

By Suggestune

LP33 Mobile Version 0.1.01
Lp33.tv is new music tv. lp33.tv is an on demand music television and digital entertainment network featuring shows around music videos, artist int...

By LP33.TV