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Applications in Driving category
1.29 CAD
MapTool Pro Version 1.8.0
Maptool pro is the professional (& ad-free) version of the successful maptool for webos. additional features of pro version: * intelligent map cac...

By MetaViewSoft

1.35 CAD
GPS Trip Panel Version 1.1.3
**a winner of palm hotapps contest!!**new reduced price for the holiday season! happy holidays!** gps trip panel is a robust gps application used ...

By Casey Broome - L337tech.com

BFG Maps Beta Version 1.0.80
++bugfix missing gps marker(again) + added bfzoom buttons(no more missing zoom) +fixed missing path on directions +toggle address in street view +i...

By WatchMeFreak

MapTool Version 1.7.0
New: bug fixing, settings weren't saved hotappwinner: displays maps, displays gpx tracks, displays 'where to go', sends your position, logs tracks...

By MetaViewSoft

gpsDashboard Free Version 2.0.2
**new** - dashboard view added to the paid version. you can now view the data while any other application is running! you can access this feature b...

By Bradley Graber

1.99 USD
gpsDashboard Plus Version 2.0.1
This application displays your current speed, altitude, and heading. the app also tracks your average, and top speed as well as misc other trip inf...

By Bradley Graber

1.99 USD
Parking Place Version 1.1.7
Parking place was designed to be your very own parking assistant. this app is equipped with multiple ways to keep track of your location and make f...

By Dezign Apps

Bensinjakt Version 1.0.3
Bensinjakt helps you find gas stations close to you when you are on the run. all this wrapped in a beautiful easy to use interface. there are 2 ma...

By Splitworks Mobile

Locate-A-Rama Version 1.3.2
*locate-a starbucks! *locate-a restaurant! *locate-a club! *locate-a gas station! *locate-a anything! *locate-a-rama! easily locate w...

By 8-bit development llc

1.99 CAD
Cheap Gas & Stations Locator Version 2.0.0
Driving to work, or just looking for the local 7-eleven? this cheap gas locator helps you find the cheapest gas stations... exxon, chevron, bp, 7-e...

By James Derek Tate

1.99 CAD
SpaceAlarm Version 1.5.2
This app alarms you when you are closed to a pre-defined location. you have a time alarm built in your phone, and you like it. do you have a spac...

By Fu

0.99 CAD
SpeedCheck Version 1.0.2
Speedcheck is a speedometer designed to run at the same time as your map or navigation app. speedcheck provides a gps speedometer, compass headi...

By Fridayapps.com

Space Alarm Free Version 1.5.2
This app alarms you when you are closed to a pre-defined location. webos 2.0 tested! you have a time alarm built in your phone, and you like it....

By Fu

1.99 CAD
GPS Wrestler Version 1.1.9
Gps wrestler attempts to wake up an unresponsive gps chip. this app gives you 4 different methods for waking the gps up on your phone. simply go ou...

By Merkel Apps

0.99 USD
Intersection Version 0.1.8
Want to let someone know where you are but need to stay focused on the road? intersection is the answer. with intersection you can quickly text y...

By Rusty Apps

1.79 USD
Drag Stats Version 1.5.4
**added option for audible countdown** now with horsepower** you asked for it and you got it. drag stats now calculates horsepower and audibly co...

By James Almand

LPG station finder Version 1.2.1
Lpg station finder shows all lpg stations near your position (currently just europe is supported). the location determination could be made via gps...

By OLE WebDesign

Marine Compass Version 1.0.0
A simple marine compass : move your phone in all positions, and the compass will always stay parallel to the floor ! just for fun ! please note : ...

By PierroX

0.99 USD
Send Map! Version 1.2.0
Send a map via sms, email or twitter to anyone! attached to the map is a link that opens google maps app on palm, iphone, and andriod phones! ...

By 8-bit development llc

0.99 CAD
SimpleSpeed Version 1.0.1
*** fixed: little bug at speed above 99. *** this app shows the current velocity in the following units in a very simple way: mph, km/h, m/s. sche...

By TamsPalm Germany

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