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Fix a broken Dropbox connection with TapNote
If you create or edit documents with your webOS devices, you have a few third party app...

Jon Rubinstein: Validated, but Palm sale to HP was "a waste"
Given the chance to do things over again, former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein would not hav...

HP to issue root certificate fix, ensure continued access to webOS cloud services
If you've been watching the webOS Nation Forums or the webOS community on Twitter,...

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Applications in Forecast category
weatherIcon Version 1.3.76
Updated to fix webos 2 issues update info below. please email me if you have an issue or find a bug in the application. weathericon will chan...

By abesapps.com

0.99 CAD
Thunder Version 1.0.0
Thunder is the easiest application to determine the distance of a thunder storm. the usage is as easy as tapping one button when you see the light...

By MetaViewSoft

2.99 CAD
Tasty Weather Toons Version 1.1.8
A combination of the weather girl and cartoon artwork. from the development team that brought tasty toons comes tasty weather toons (yeah creative ...

By Sinacism Graphics

ComingRain Version 1.0.2
With comingrain you get the weather forecast for today and tomorrow directly from your smartphone, via geolocation or by typing the name of your ci...

By Cora Apps

0.99 USD
Calendar Weather Version 1.0.0
Calendar weather puts the daily weather forecast on your webos calendar. just enter your zip code and select how frequently you want the forecast...

By Fridayapps.com

3.99 USD
MarineCast Version 1.3.0
Offseason promotional pricing!!! using weatherflow's weather data, marinecast provides weather data from the sailflow website in a mobile, easy to...

By InfoBridge, LLC.

0.99 USD
Lunar Pal Version 1.2.1
Available in: english. lunar pal is the ultimate moon companion. it is also the most accurate one you can get! it includes large amounts of informa...

By Andy T. Evans

1.99 USD
Weather Dashboard Version 1.3.2
Weather dashboard is a webos dashboard application that displays the current temperature & conditions as well as the forecast for the next day in a...

By SuperGigaMega LLC

SimpleWeather Version 1.0.7
***updates below***we're proud to present to you our latest app simpleweather. we wanted a weather application that was not only reliable, but also...

By Leetcom

1.5 CAD
Track-It en Espanol Version 1.0.0
Track it is a full featured hurricane tracker. fully in spanish, this version has complete coverage of the atlantic ocean. features include storm c...

By Down South Customs

Irish Rain Version 1.0.1
Using irish rain, you'll never be caught in an irish downpour again. a detailed map of the rainfall over ireland for the last three hours shows no...

By Chofter.com

Weather Window Lite Version 1.0.1
Check out this lite version before going full! weather window for palm's webos is your simplest solution for getting the weather on your palm pre o...

By Hidden World Hut

1.49 USD
Weather Window Version 1.0.1
************50% off sale for a limited time**************weather window for palm's webos is your simplest solution for getting the weather on your ...

By Hidden World Hut

World Weather Watch - FREE Version 1.0.9
**** full version of world weather watch 2.0 free. hurry! less than one week left! **** so what's the catch? we only ask that you try our new free ...

By WizardApps

Weatherman 2.0 - FREE! ONLY DAYS LEFT! Version 2.0.6
**** full version of weatherman 2.0 free - two week sale. hurry! final days of the sale! **** so what's the catch? we only ask that you try our ne...

By WizardApps

aniWeather Version 1.0.9
Animated weather for webos - based on popular bweather.

By forwebOS.com

No-Nonsense Weather Version 0.6.0
Most weather applications for mobile devices seem to be covered in ads and kludgy. no-nonsense weather is none of that. it's just the weather. peri...

By Scott Bradford Creative Enterprises

1.5 USD
Track-It Deluxe Version 1.3.1
Track-it deluxe is the follow-up application to track-it basic. this full featured version includes hourly updated hurricane forecast cones, wind s...

By Down South Customs

Track-It Version 2.3.0
Track-it is a hurricane tracking application for both the atlantic and pacific (us). it's pretty simple and basic. this is the free version, we als...

By Down South Customs

1.99 USD
Weatherman 2.0 Version 2.0.4
Weatherman is the only palm app that allows you to view weather information right from your palm desktop background. unlike other weather applicat...

By WizardApps

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