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Fix a broken Dropbox connection with TapNote
If you create or edit documents with your webOS devices, you have a few third party app...

Jon Rubinstein: Validated, but Palm sale to HP was "a waste"
Given the chance to do things over again, former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein would not hav...

HP to issue root certificate fix, ensure continued access to webOS cloud services
If you've been watching the webOS Nation Forums or the webOS community on Twitter,...

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Applications in gadgets category
weatherIcon Version 1.3.76
Updated to fix webos 2 issues update info below. please email me if you have an issue or find a bug in the application. weathericon will chan...

By abesapps.com

4.99 CAD
goRPN Version 1.2.3
Gorpn was created for the rpn fans' ease of every-day use, without all those bells and whistles functions you only used at school -- never used in ...

By FGS Technologies

0.99 CAD
Radio Bird (Half Off Sale) Version 1.3.0
(half off sale) please read entire description... radio bird brings you a new and easy way to listen to police and emergency scanners. with a sle...

By Magic Apps

Light My Way Beta Version 2.0.0
With light my way pro for palm devices you can: - find your keys lost under your car - see keyholes easily with a bright white light after a night ...

By eight:twenty Design

1.28 USD
WebToPhone Version 1.0.4
Send any text, website and picture links or address from web or desktop applications directly to your mobile device. share them by email or sms, co...

By forwebOS.com

2.99 CAD
PC Display Master Version 1.5.0
Have you ever left your pc & wished that you had either: turned off the display, activated the screen saver, left the display showing your favorit...

By Gomez Industries

4.99 CAD
Presentation Controller Version 1.3.0
With presentation controller (works with microsoft powerpoint & openoffice impress), you can control your slide show software directly from your pr...

By Gomez Industries

Lighter Lite Beta Version 0.6.5
0.6.5--fixed background even more-should not have a white bar on the side of the lighter animation****************** beta for a good reason.... i h...

By Patrick's App Creation

GoAruna Files Version 0.1.19
Goaruna is a free palm webos file manager with an online file hosting, sending and sharing service. access, manage and easily share your goaruna o...

By GoAruna

0.99 USD
ClearCard Version 1.0.9
Do you wish you could minimize all your active cards and just have a nice clean wallpaper or just show the date and time? clearcard gives you a sim...

By Clear Water

0.99 CAD
Light My Way Pro Version 2.0.1
With light my way pro for palm devices you can: - find your keys lost under your car - see keyholes easily with a bright white light after a night ...

By eight:twenty Design

0.99 CAD
3lineProCalculator Version 1.1.6
3lineprocalc provides a full-featured scientific calculator that uses the advantages of the touchscreen. it has lots of additional functions that m...

By knoopnet

0.99 CAD
Age Calculator Version 1.9.0
Did you ever wonder to know your age not just in years, months but also in days, hours, minutes and seconds? its very funny to see while aging! the...

By Follow Instinct

1.99 CAD
Soldier Talk Version 1.0.2
Soldier talk is an app that translates whatever text you enter into phonetic alphabets used by the military. throughout history, these alphabets ha...

By Aclass Apps

1.99 CAD
Multiple App Launcher Version 0.9.1
Multiple app launcher allows you to launch multiple applications at once. choose your applications, put them in a group & and press a button to lau...

By ScienceApps

0.99 EUR
iPhone Plus Version 1.0.1
Want to turn your palm device into a fake iphone look-alike? this app allows you to do that. this application shows iphone home screen image on th...

By Palm Soft Inc.

0.99 EUR
Blackberry Storm Version 1.0.0
Want to turn your palm device into a blackberry storm look-alike? this app allows you to do that. this application shows blackberry storm home scr...

By Palm Soft Inc.

0.99 USD
1-Touch-Dial Version 1.2.3
Your frequent contacts at your fingertips! set up one-touch-buttons for calling, texting & emailing. you can change between 6 different layouts and...

By hausteinapps.com

0.99 USD
Cravate Version 1.0.0
Cravate app shows you how to tie various knots for several occasions. you don't have to google anymore - you are able to tie a knot wherever you ar...

By hausteinapps.com

Neon Tube Clock Version 1.3.1
Simply a clock which displays the current device time and date in a graphical neon tube image.

By Gelb intergalactic

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