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Quick-Keys virtual keyboard updated for better performance and customization
Several months ago we first touched on the Quick-Keys Keyboard virtual keyboard app fo...

Save Business Search results to your Contact List
Performing a search in webOS for a business is one of the easiest tasks, simply by perf...

Mobile Nations Passport Contest: Win the Ultimate webOS *Wildcard* Prize Pack!
Last week we rolled our new Mobile Nations Passport account system, which ma...

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Applications in Humor category
0.99 CAD
Emergency Xmas Kiss Version 1.0.2
Kissing under the mistletoe! never miss a kiss this christmas. you'll receive kisses from those you love with our virtual mistletoe. the traditio...

By Tagoror Networks

1.74 CAD
Xmas Singing Pets Version 1.0.2
The most original and funny christmas ringtones are available for your palm device. enjoy with our cats and dogs orchestra singing carols in your c...

By Tagoror Networks

Chuck Knows Best Version 1.2.4
Update: more facts! do you have a tough decision to make? need a good laugh? great! this app has both life advice and plenty of chuck norris facts....

By Photography Union

1.43 CAD
Text Morpher Version 3.5.3
The 1st and best ɹǝddılɟ ʇxǝʇ for webos made by a webos only developer. text morpher includes ɹǝddıןɟ ʇxʇ , ⓑⓤⓑⓑⓛⓔ ⓣⓔⓧⓣ & ŧεẍṫ ℉яεαḱεя ; is a fun ...

By Gomez Industries

Dwight Schrute - The Office Version 1.1.2
Update: even more quotes! thanks for the great ratings! do you love the office? are you a fan of dwight schrute? then this app is for you! includes...

By Photography Union

0.99 CAD
Pet Toy Soundboard Version 1.0.0
An app filled to the brim with sounds designed to drive your pets crazy! tweets, squeaks and clucks, all high quality and loud enough for your pet...

By Rosoa

Funny Advent Calendar Version 1.2010.05
This is the first advent calender app for webos phones. every day from 1st to 24th of december you'll get a great surprise (funny joke/clip). down...

By Tamoggemon, Ltd.

0.99 CAD
Texter Version 1.0.1
**improved webos support for many images** send fun ascii art and funky fonts straight from your webos device over sms! s o f u n ! this ascii ...

By Clear Water

0.99 CAD
Flip Your Text Version 1.2.0
This app was created for awesome status updates on all major social networking sites, ways to confuse your friends when you text them cause the fon...

By David Faircloth

1.5 CAD
Prank Pack Version 2.0.0
Huge sale! now only 1 dollar! the ultimate pranks app for webos! this app lets you send emails to anyone, from anyone, which is great for email pra...

By Philip Bernstein

0.99 CAD
Scrooged Soundboard Version 1.0.1
This is a soundboard for the holiday movie scrooged! this soundboard contains over 20 popular quotes and sayings from the movie. keep your friends...

By 37th Street Technologies

0.99 CAD
Puppy and Dog Soundboard Version 1.0.1
Puppy and dog soundboard has 20 sounds of cute puppies and older dogs barking, whimpering and all other kinds of sounds! you can use this to trick...

By 37th Street Technologies

Funniest Adult Jokes Version 1.0.1
Caution - users of this app have been known to laugh hysterically while looking at their phones! for hilarious jokes that will have you rolling on ...


0.99 CAD
Christmas Countdown Version 1.0.1
This is a countdown until christmas 2010! enjoy knowing how many days are left until christmas eve 2010. this is handy to also know, at a glance,...

By 37th Street Technologies

0.99 CAD
Premier A Christmas Story Soundboard Version 1.0.1
This is the premier soundboard for the movie "a christmas story". this app includes over 30 different sounds from the movie plus some that other o...

By 37th Street Technologies

0.99 CAD
Resident Evil 1 Soundboard Version 1.0.1
This is a premier resident evil 1 soundboard. there are over 25 unique sounds from the original playstation version of resident evil!

By 37th Street Technologies

0.99 CAD
Christmas Vacation Soundboard Version 1.0.3
This is a soundboard for the movie national lampoon's christmas vacation. the soundboard has over 35 unique quotes and phrases from the movie! th...

By 37th Street Technologies

0.99 CAD
Always Sunny Soundboard Version 1.0.2
!update 1.01: added 16 more sound clips and working to get more of requested clips! relive the hilarious moments from mac, charlie, dennis, sweet d...

By Space Cash

0.99 CAD
Fog Horn Version 0.8.0
An app now with more then just a fog horn! now with a train horn, tug-boat horn, and semi-truck horn! fun for when you are fishing, at the dock yar...

By Patrick's App Creation

I Need a Dollar! Version 1.0.0
So uh...i need a dollar. your dollar, to be more specific. so, instead of robbing a bank or selling my body, i've decided to make this simple app a...

By David Vogt