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Wizards RPG

Application details
Version 1.2.0

Wizards RPG

1.99 USD

In Wizards RPG, players can become a Wizard, Rogue, or Warrior. The game features a real turn-based combat system, 41 weapons, 13 types of armor, 15 charms, over 30 quests, over 40 unique monsters, and 12 levels of play. Avoid traps, find gems, and help needy people at the town solve problems they can never seem to do on their own. Level up by defeating your Class Master, and earn new special abilities to aid you in combat. Spend stat points in your character's Agility, Strength, or Intellect. This game is the first Chapter in your journey, as you explore 10 zones in 3 areas. Player progress is saved automatically. Users can reload their created characters and continue play where they left off. Please do not leave a negative review for technical issues before contacting us for help.


Publication date : 1/26/2010 5:16:29 AM
Package name : com.alderangaming.wizards1
Supported devices : Palm Pre
Minimum OS : webOS 1.3.1
Package size : 13.0 MB
total Accounts : 0
Total Comments : 44
Total Downloads : 879


Channel : Palm catalog

About developer

Developer : Alderan Gaming
Developer URL :
Support URL :