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Applications in Calculation category
4.99 CAD
goRPN Version 1.2.3
Gorpn was created for the rpn fans' ease of every-day use, without all those bells and whistles functions you only used at school -- never used in ...

By FGS Technologies

Convert Version 1.7.0
Convert is an intuitive and simple to use unit converter with 15 conversion categories. angle area base-n data energy force length power pressure ...

By Frazer McLean

twoCalcFree Version 1.5.00
What do you want in a calculator? clean, easy-to-use interface. all the features you need, but not cluttered with extras you don’t use. an opport...

By mikagika, ltd

twoCalc Version 1.5.00
What do you want in a calculator? clean, easy-to-use interface. all the features you need, but not cluttered with extras you don’t use. an opport...

By mikagika, ltd.

0.99 CAD
3lineProCalculator Version 1.1.6
3lineprocalc provides a full-featured scientific calculator that uses the advantages of the touchscreen. it has lots of additional functions that m...

By knoopnet

0.99 CAD
Age Calculator Version 1.9.0
Did you ever wonder to know your age not just in years, months but also in days, hours, minutes and seconds? its very funny to see while aging! the...

By Follow Instinct

7.99 CAD
Flight Computer Version 1.0.1
Available in: english. the flight computer application can be used by pilots to perform various calculations to determine the flight path, air spee...

By Wayne Fisher

69.99 USD
Successful Roads Road Formulas Version 3.0.1
Now anyone can make quick, easy and percise calculation in the field and at the office. with successful roads road formula calculator, you can elim...

By Successful Roads, LLC

1.99 CAD
netSpeed Version 1.0.5
Netspeed is a lightweight download speed testing app. it will calculate how fast your download speeds are for wifi or 3g/evdo connections. finally...

By futurepr0n

0.99 USD
Dose Version 1.0.4
Dose for webos™, a medical dosage calculator developed with the nurse and nursing student in mind, a [email protected] ideas inc. creation. this app includes...

By [email protected] ideas Inc.

Fuel Version 0.9.21
- the list of new features, tweaks and fixes provided by this build (0.9.17 - 0.9.21) is lengthy. see the change logs and feature requests sections...

By rbtwhiz

2lineCalculator Version 1.0.4
This calculator provides a two-line edit field where the user first may tap in the formula for better input control. the result is displayed sepera...

By knoopnet

0.99 CAD
Base-N Ascii Converter Version 1.0.0
With this app you can convert positive numbers or text between all bases such as binary (2), octal (8) or hexadecimal (16), but also for example to...

By arkandos

0.99 CAD
Kitchen Calculator Version 1.0.0
With kitchen calculator (with friendly user interface) you can quickly make any type of cooking conversions such as cups to teaspoons or grams to ...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Quick Tip Calculator Version 1.0.1
Calculate tips easily and in the way you expect.quickly shows tip amounts for 10%, 15%, 20% which you need mostly.you can also enter your own tip p...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Excel Formulas Version 1.0.0
Learning excel formulas is very critical for the successful use of spreadsheet software. this app contains formulas to perform basic calculations i...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Cost Savings Calculators Version 1.0.0
If you have a savings goal, use this savings calculators to figure out how much you can using coffee savings, cigarette costs, gas savings, lunch s...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

Dosecalcfree Version 1.2.0
Dosecalc is a tool to quickly work out drug dosages according to the body surface area or weight. having entered a patient's height and weight, the...

By Palmdoc.net

0.99 CAD
Crown Molding Version 1.1.0
Available in: english. the crown molding application can be used to calculate the miter and bevel angles to use with a miter saw when cutting crow...

By Wayne Fisher

0.99 CAD
What's On My Card Pro Version 1.0.6
Store cards can be a blessing, keeping track of them can be a hassle. what’s on my card will help you keep track of all your store cards and home ...

By Victory Link USA

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