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Applications in Classics category
1.99 CAD
Away with Words Version 1.24
Away with words is an addicting, multi-level game that will provide hours of tactical-spelling and wordsearch fun. it combines elements of play fro...

By MichaelRanch Software

Blackjack for WebOS Version 2.2.5
Sit back and enjoy the classic game of blackjack right from your phone. try to beat the dealer and count to you hearts extent. play with one deck...

By Magic Apps

Yatzee for Palm's WebOS Version 2.7.0
Just like the game you know and love. try to get 3 of a kind, full house, or yatzee this game will keep you entertained for hours. shoot to beet ...

By Magic Apps

WhatWord Christmas Version 1.1.05
Merry christmas! ‘tis the time to give---and we are giving you our latest app for free! really free. no cost, no ads. whatword christmas is for...

By mikagika, ltd.

WhatWord Where Version 1.1.05
Welcome to whatwordwhere, the word find game with a twist—you figure out what words to find (and where, of course.) you choose from one of twent...

By mikagika, ltd.

1.99 CAD
Jigsaw Master Version 2.0.0
* webosroundup 'app of the day' 12/11 * jigsaw master is an exciting and highly addictive jigsaw game! just touch & drag pieces to connect them a...

By hausteinapps.com

Farkle! Version 2.0.5
Available in english only. a simple farkle style dice game. tap & drag across multiple dice to select multiples at once. new features! *hot-seat ...

By Bradley Graber

1.99 CAD
Farkle! Deluxe Version 2.0.5
A simple farkle style dice game. v1.5.4 - online two-player added! online play is a bit laggy, but because webos is doing the network traffic, ...

By Bradley Graber

4.99 CAD
Battle for Wesnoth Version 1.0.0
Battle for wesnoth is the official port of a gigantic, complex and detailed full-scale strategy-rpg. we made sure that nothing was cut from the gam...

By Wulven Games

Gold Nuggets Version 1.2.0
Try to collect gold nuggets of varying sizes and values. be careful because there are ore chunks mixed with the gold and the ore is not worth as mu...

By DS Effects

Pairs Version 1.0.0
Train your memory and play a game of pairs with the speedymarks icons. how to play (in case you don't know): - tap one card - tap a second card - ...

By SpeedyMarks

0.99 CAD
Frootrees Halloween Edition Version 1.0.0
Halloween may be over for another year but you can still enjoy this new frootrees experience, now at a final bargain basement price. if you enjoyed...

By Tin Man Games

0.99 CAD
Soccer 2010 Version 1.1.0
Check out the worldwide leaderboard at http://metaviewsoft.de/soccer2010 join thousands of other players fighting for their country. the game rul...

By MetaViewSoft

Tic Tac Toe Sexy 4 Women Version 1.0.1
Now you have a good reason to play this classic game against your friends. no more x or 0. have fun!

By Virtue Studio

Ground Effect Version 1.0.4
Over 1 million mobile downloads already! stunning visuals and a pumping sound track make this ground-breaking game the way perfect way to show off ...

By Glenn Corpes

1.29 CAD
OrbLand Labyrinth SALE Version 1.0.0
Guide your orb through a world full of labyrinths and perils by carefully rotating your pre. orbland contains over one hundred addicting, handcraft...

By Hendi and Bjoern

3.99 CAD
PCE.emu Version 1.3.2
Pc engine/turbografx-16 (tg16) emulator, also available for android, ios, & ps3 now ported to webos. uses the mednafen emulation core for high accu...

By Robert Broglia

0.99 CAD
Supernova Version 1.0.0
Supernova is a thrilling experience set in outer space and is inspired by an old arcade classic. with high quality images and calming ambient sound...

By Fioware

Card Ace: Blackjack Version 1.3.4
Limited time offer: download the game now, and receive an extra thousand free chips!! *** card ace: blackjack is the social online multiplayer blac...

By Self Aware Games

1.99 CAD
Vector Runner Version 1.2.0
Vector runner - one of the most popular online racing games from recent years - has finally made it's way to the palm! pilot your racer at breaknec...

By Littlegrey Media