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Application details
Version 1.3.2


3.99 USD

PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 (TG16) emulator, also available for Android, iOS, & PS3 now ported to WebOS. Uses the Mednafen emulation core for high accuracy with both hucards and CD-based games. Most games run 60fps on the Pre making it the both the fastest and most precise PCE emulator for WebOS. Simply copy games to internal storage via USB and navigate to them using the app's file browser. Features: * Zip file support * CD emulation via loading cue or toc+bin files * Cue files may use external audio tracks in Ogg Vorbis & Wav (PCM, ADPCM, etc) formats * On-screen multi-touch controls (detects up to 5 buttons pressed at once) *Configurable keyboard controls * Backup memory and save state support, one auto-save and one manual slot for save states (NOTE: you need write access to the directory your games are stored in for this to work. Please use a fixed version of WebOS 1.4.5 that allows /media/internal access) * Portrait/Landscape orientation support Be sure to check the homepage at explusalpha.com for more info.


Publication date : 12/2/2010 12:56:42 AM
Package name : com.explusalpha.pceemu
Supported devices : Palm Pre
Minimum OS : webOS 1.4.5
Package size : 2.5 MB
total Accounts : 0
Total Comments : 1
Total Downloads : 6


Channel : Palm catalog

About developer

Developer : Robert Broglia
Developer URL :
Support URL :