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Brothers In Arms® 2: Global Front HD

Application details
Version 1.0.5

Brothers In Arms® 2: Global Front HD

4.99 USD

The highly acclaimed Brothers in Arms series returns for its most compelling battle yet amidst the fires of WWII. JOIN YOUR ALLIES ONLINE Challenge your friends to multiplayer battles on a variety of five maps in 3 different modes (Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Domination). A FIGHT ACROSS THE GLOBE Experience every front of the war with battles raging across 5 locations and 13 levels: Pacific, Normandy, North Africa, Germany, Sicily. WAR MACHINES Take control of 3 different vehicles including the tank, off-road vehicle or glider to overrun your opponents - or to make a daring escape. You can even jump behind the vehicle turret to lay waste to foes with the machine gun. THE BATTLE COMES TO LIFE The stunning graphics and authentic settings are inspired by real life battlefields from WWII and created in detailed 3D. AN EPIC EXPERIENCE Witness compelling cinematic moments with more interaction between you and your squad members that deepens the gameplay. AN ARSENAL AT YOUR DISPOSAL Grab a wide variety of historically accurate weapons including machine guns, bazookas, sniper rifles and flamethrowers.


Publication date : 10/12/2010 1:01:11 AM
Package name : com.gameloft.app.bia2
Supported devices : Palm Pre
Minimum OS : webOS 1.3.5
Package size : 186.5 MB
total Accounts : 0
Total Comments : 45
Total Downloads : 3285


Channel : Palm catalog

About developer

Developer : Gameloft
Developer URL :
Support URL :