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3.99 CAD
BarBack Cocktail Drinks Version 1.0.0
Get instant access to recipes for a wide range of drinks. get all the info on ingredients, pouring and mixing directions to serve the perfect marti...

By Mobifusion Inc.

4.99 CAD
Ah!Oh! Kama Sutra to-Go Version 1.0.0
The kama sutra has shown us the art of love for generations. now learn and enjoy its pleasures on your mobile!

By Mobifusion Inc.

1.99 CAD
#1 Non Alcoholic Drinks Version 1.0.0
Get instant access to recipes for a wide range of drinks. get all the info on ingredients, pouring and mixing directions to serve the perfect marti...

By Mobifusion Inc.

5.99 CAD
123 of sensual Massage Version 1.0.0
Are you looking for that perfect massage – one that is at once relaxing and arouses you as well? then the idiot’s guide to sensual massage should b...

By Mobifusion Inc.

7.99 CAD
Guinness World Records Version 1.0.0
#1 guide to the weird and wonderful worldwide! who is the largest man? who has the longest nosehair? who ate the most sausages in one sitting? ...

By Mobifusion Inc.

0.99 CAD
Light My Way Plus Version 2.0.0
'does what it says on the tin' a clean effective application, help light the lock on your car, read books in bed, create low lighting effect all p...

By eight:twenty Design

0.99 CAD
Toddler Tapping Zoo: Sights & Sounds Version 1.0.6
Toddler tapping zoo: sights & sounds toddler tapping zoo will expand the horizons of infants and toddlers through eye-catching images, amusing sou...

By Tipitap

SierraPapa Version 1.0.0
Sierrapapa - nato phonetic alphabet utility the nato phonetic alphabet, more formally the international radiotelephony spelling alphabet, is the mo...

By Richard Neff

0.99 CAD
uspeak4me Version 1.0.2
(available in english only) uspeak4me can help a speech-impaired child communicate certain basic needs & desires. pressing one of the colorful ...

By Ed Miller

Softick Solitaire Version 1.0.0
Softick solitaire is a classic klondike solitaire game, especially optimized for palm pre screen with a large and eye-friendly card set. feel the ...

By Softick Ltd

Choice of the Vampire Version 1.0.0
Begin your two-hundred year journey as a vampire in new orleans, 1815; choose whether you will seek love, power or redemption as you negotiate the ...

By Choice of Games

Choice of Romance Version 1.0.0
Play as a young aristocrat who comes to court looking for love... and catches the monarch’s eye. will you find true love? gain a crown? lose your h...

By Choice of Games

Groupons Version 2.0.0
A quick and easy way to access to all of the deals on groupon. track more than one city by saving in a personal folder. there is no need to registe...

By Tinybolt

0.99 CAD
Turin Metro Version 1.0.0
Find information about the metro railway system in turin. you can find turin metro map, lines and stations with ease. once installed this app can p...

By Nanonino

Choice of the Dragon Version 1.0.0
Play as a fire-breathing dragon who sleeps on gold and kidnaps princesses for fun! choice of the dragon is a text-based game of multiple choice. d...

By Choice of Games

1.99 CAD
Bad Santa Caller ID Version 1.0.0
Ho ho ho, speaking of ho’s is calling! have bad santa announce the name of every caller! get bad santa caller id ringtones and hear who is calling...

By MobGen Inc.

SmartDrunk Version 1.0.0
Born from the (possibly wise) decision of serving beer & food at the 2010 palm webos developer days, here's a beer counting app that, well, actuall...

By No Insult Software

0.99 USD
Vicinimuni Version 1.0.0
Get arrival estimates of muni and bart vehicles stopping within your vicinity. instantly. lost? find a route back to civilization and where to ca...

By GldnFleece Software

Tic Tac Toe Sexy Version 1.0.0
Now you have a good reason to play this classic game against your friends. no more x or 0. have fun!

By Virtue Studio

0.99 CAD
Base-N Ascii Converter Version 1.0.0
With this app you can convert positive numbers or text between all bases such as binary (2), octal (8) or hexadecimal (16), but also for example to...

By arkandos