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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-d...

Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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Palm applications and games 98/300
Piano Version 1.0.9
Play piano on your phone! this app brings a realistic piano to your webos phone. this simple app allows you to make music on your phone! using the ...

By Erik Godard

StudiRechner Version 1.1.3
Studirechner ist ein kleines tool um euch den uni-alltag zu erleichtern. mit dem tool könnt ihr die noten aus eurem studium verwalten. studirechner...

By KiloshApps

Saber Ultimate Version 1.8.11
** new in 1.8.11: the black saber! i mean, you didn't leave me a choice... after the white saber, so many of you wanted the black saber with a whit...

By Draeger IT

Hit the dots! (Pre & Pixi) Version 1.4.2
Now with dot defense mode! --- how fast can you hit the dots? you have 30 seconds to tap as many of them as you can. beat the (online) highscores i...

By Thomas Schoeps

Glad Thats Not Me Lite Version 1.2.0
Glad thats not me lite for webos includes 15 different feeds including fmylife.com, textsfromlastnight.com, mylifeisaverage.com, itmademyday.com, n...

By Hidden World Hut

Weatherman 2.0 - FREE! ONLY DAYS LEFT! Version 2.0.6
**** full version of weatherman 2.0 free - two week sale. hurry! final days of the sale! **** so what's the catch? we only ask that you try our ne...

By WizardApps

Jigsaw Puzzle - FREE Version 1.0.3
Jigsaw puzzle is an exciting classic jigsaw game. it comes with a collection of attractive images to choose from. touch and drag pieces to connect ...

By Thomas Haustein

Pootie Pants Version 1.0.4
It's so real you will have to change your pants! pootie pants is the best whoopee cushion that will surely entertain your friends and family. jus...

By Full On Apps

Alien Invaders: A FREE CLASSIC! Version 1.0.1
Enjoy a classic arcade hit completely free on the palm pre! alien invaders bringing you hours of fun game play saving the world from alien invaders...

By WizardApps

Gluten Free Restaurant Cards for WebOS Version 1.0.1
Do you live a gluten free lifestyle? do you love to travel? then this app is for you! eating gluten free and eating out is always a challenge. it's...

By K2 Tech Service

S.O.S - Flashlight and Strobe Version 1.0.1
S.o.s. is a flashlight and an emergency beacon! this multi-function app is perfect for illuminating a room or finding your keys in the dark. you ca...

By WizardApps

Puzzle Paint 3D Lite Version 1.0.3
Prepare for a new challenge! the lite version of puzzle paint 3d offers 20 levels of excellent puzzle fun. your task is to paint the pattern in eac...

By Thomas Schoeps

1.99 USD
Vision Version 0.8.1
"vision" is a set of tools for | visual acuity tests (snellen 20/20 - snellen 6/6 - monoyer- mar - logmar - etdrs - ametropia - standard / high con...

By ScienceApps

Air Horn Ultimate Version 1.0.1
A fun little air horn app for your entertainment. use it at sport events or a party. it's loud and, on top of that, in a clean and nice design! :) ...

By Draeger IT

Mandel - unique wallpapers (FREE) Version 1.5.0
Almost 10000 users! explore an universe on your palm! ************************ watch the outstanding beauty of mandelbrot fractal directly on your ...

By MetaViewSoft

Thermal Pad (Pixi) Version 1.2.0
Create your own wallpapers! thermal pad simulates a heat-sensitive surface that reacts on finger tips. you can shake the device for faster cooling ...

By fabi.me

aniWeather Version 1.0.9
Animated weather for webos - based on popular bweather.

By forwebOS.com

Don't Taze Me Man! - FREE! Version 1.0.0
**** full version of don't taze me man free. hurry! less than one week left! **** so what's the catch? we only ask that you try our new free game c...

By WizardApps

0.99 USD
Glad Thats Not Me Version 1.2.0
Check fml every day to see what crazy stuff is on there? have you heard of the other sites like it! this is the app you need! easily read fml, tfln...

By Hidden World Hut

Expense Approval Version 1.0.5
For synnex execs to approve expense report.