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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
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Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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1.99 CAD
ICD-9 for WebOS Version 1.9.0
Icd-9 for webos has a built-in internal database (updated oct 1, 2010) for you to perform queries. this is the default page and you can select the ...

By Palmdoc.net

1.5 CAD
ICD-10 for WebOS Version 1.1.0
Take the icd-10 with you in your webos device! icd-10 for webos has both an internal database for offline searches as well as handy tools to query ...

By Palmdoc.net

1.99 CAD
Mech Invasion 2: Air Assault Version 1.0.2
Mech invasion 2: air assault is an insanely fun game that builds on the tremendous success of mech invasion. this is another tower defense style of...

By Java Sanity

1.39 CAD
Feed Converter Version 2.1.0
Feed converter is a small utility which converts rss feeds to ebooks of different formats and saves to your mobile device. it is quite simple to ge...

By IT-Dimension

SPB TV Version 2.1.2
Spb tv is a mobile iptv viewer with tv-like usability, designed for tuning in to publicly available digital tv channels from all over the world. sp...

By SPB Software Inc.

USAF (United States Air Force) Version 1.2.0
This app is great for anyone looking to learn more about the united states air force, or just to show your support! whether you are newly enlisted,...

By TwoThirtyAM

Mail Lists Lite Version 0.8.5
If you like mail lists lite you will love the full version. mail lists is your perfect pal for your mailing needs. mail lists is capable to store, ...

By Newness Developments

Doce Framework Version 1.0.0
The doce framework is required to run the doce game in the catalog.

By M-O-J-O Development

Quick Dial 2.2 Version 1.1.2
This application requires quick dial 2 to function. have that one number you are always dialing. just want o push a icon with their picture on it ...

By Engine Equals Car

UEFA Standings (BETA) Version 0.2.0
App for listing the current standings for some uefa leagues. additional leagues may be added if requested. this is a beta app. contact me at uef...

By McDoogle Software

St. Max Youth Group of Orlando Version 1.0.0
This app is for the youth group of st. max catholic church in orlando, fl


0.99 EUR
Samsung Vibrant Version 1.0.0
Vibrant is hot new phone from samsung. want to turn your palm device into a fake samsung vibrant look-alike? this app allows you to do that. this...

By Palm Soft Inc.

0.99 USD
Schools Version 1.1.0
A quick and easy way to find schools in your neighborhood and lookup some statistics about schools. a must have for all those who are looking to mo...

By Tinybolt

0.99 CAD
Sky Warriors Version 1.0.0
In this air battle you will have to front several enemies that change with every new level.

By DS Effects

Palm mobile hotspot Version 1.1.4
Quickly turn your palm webos™ phone into a wi-fi hotspot for up to five devices. enjoy mobile internet access for your laptop while on the go, and ...

By Palm, Inc.

0.99 CAD
Goal Keeper Version 1.0.0
Defend your goal as good as you can while there keep coming more and faster balls to you and avoid the beers so you don't get hurt.

By DS Effects

0.99 CAD
Eyes Version 1.0.0
Place the eyes in their respective placeholders.blue ones in blue placeholder and the red ones in that red. adjust the slider to pass the eyes.

By DS Effects

0.99 CAD
Bee Invaders Version 1.0.0
In this game you control a bear to destroy a team of bee invaders. the invaders will shoot you back in return and will approach closer and closer.

By DS Effects

1.99 USD
Top 100 by Year (1947-2010) Version 1.0.0
Hear thousands of the greatest songs of all time. what were the top songs for the year you graduated from high school? from college? the year y...

By Hewlett-Packard

0.99 USD
Top 100 `70s Songs Version 1.0.0
What are the 100 greatest rock songs that emanated from the 8 track player and permeated the ford pinto? this application plays the full track of ...

By Hewlett-Packard