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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-d...

Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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Love Hurts Free Version 1.0.3
Caution – you won’t be able to put down this stylish and action-packed game about love adventures of romeo! poor romeo... for him, love does hurt! ...


Droplets 2.0 Free Version 2.0.4
You asked for more levels… we heard you! the most challenging and beautiful game for your palm phone droplets 2.0 – now comes with over 100 new lev...


1.98 CAD
Save Battery (English) Version 1.0.01
It's not a secret: the batteries of high-end phones are quite fast empty. here's the first program to fight against the battery-problem. this app d...

By Tamoggemon

0.99 CAD
Warren Buffett 50 Quotes Version 2.0.0
The world's richest man and investor next door: warren buffett. learn from the wit and wisdom of him as you read through these quotes; some are us...

By James Derek Tate

Galaxy Fighter Version 1.2.5
Compete against the world for the highest score in the fast, exciting space shooter. see how long you can last against the challenges of the unive...

By Magic Apps

Jackle (A Dice Game) Version 1.7.0
Welcome to the game of jackle. a new dice game that can give you hours of fun. in jackle you use 3 dice to try and achieve the target point. bas...

By Magic Apps

2.99 CAD
Heroes of Kalevala Version 1.1.0
Brand new game! explore the mysterious land of kalevala on your palm pre! slidetoplay.com 4+/must have: "beautiful soundtrack; highly addictive g...

By 10tons Ltd.

0.99 CAD
A Hangman Haunting Version 1.0.1
Attention all ghost hunters! just because halloween's over doesn't mean you can't still play this. if you like halloween & you like word games, y...

By Pj Nation LLC

tuv Version 1.0.2
Tera'ngan quj 'oh. 'ach piqad mi' lo'.

By roneyii

0.99 CAD
Beach Version 1.0.0
*available in: english, french, german, & spanish* sitting down somewhere? tired? stressed? or just want something for your kids to look at? well ...

By Badri Bros

0.99 CAD
Rick Roll Version 1.0.0
*available in: english, french, german, & spanish* have you ever been rick roll'd before? well, a lot of people have. now you can do it too! prank...

By Badri Bros

0.99 CAD
American Flag Version 1.0.0
*available in: english, french, german, & spanish* at a sports game? or somewhere with your friends? want to show off your patriotism for your cou...

By Badri Bros

0.99 CAD
Solar System Version 1.0.3
*available in: english* new in 1.0.3: - new info for the sun - new info for the 8 planets - new info for pluto - scrolling added to menu screen -...

By Badri Bros

Audio Blaster Version 1.2.0
Audio blast gives power to prank, annoy, and crowd control, and you can finally do it for free this time! audio blast will generate a high pitch s...

By Paschar LLC

0.99 CAD
Hip Hop Sounds Version 1.0.0
I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hop soundboard :) cool soundboard for palm. fx and hip hop voices to move your feet. enjoy it!

By Tagoror Networks

2.99 CAD
OPENOFFICEtoPDF Version 1.0.0
Openofficetopdf is an easy to use application that allows you to convert any open office document into a pdf file and then send it to your inbox in...

By Jason Cheeks

1.99 USD
GPS Lightning Impact Version 1.0.0
"gps lightning impact" is an amazing app that allows you to locate lightning impacts using gps, in order to make your own lightning impact map arou...

By ScienceApps

1.29 CAD
Super Mario Bros. Soundboard Version 2.0.0
Super mario bros. for the nes returns... as a soundboard for your phone!

By James Derek Tate

Facebook (Beta Client) Version 1.4.53
*update: the 1.4.53 update includes support for facebook places. this allows you to check in with your friends to your favorite locations. the face...

By Palm, Inc.

Carburant moins cher Version 0.8.1
Trouver la station essence distribuant le carburant le moins cher à proximité de votre position. affiche la liste des stations trié par prix, dista...

By Puyb.net