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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
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Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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Math Pop 2 FREE Version 1.1.0
This addicting game will test your reflexes and your math skills.

By DS Effects

1.99 CAD
Tradewinds 2 Version 1.20.001
Set sail for a caribbean adventure with tradewinds 2 - based on the highly acclaimed pc game from sandlot games! navigate a fascinating new world ...

By Astraware Limited

0.99 CAD
Lie Detector Machine Version 1.0.0
Want to know if your friend or loved one is telling the truth? now you can with this amazing application! this lie detector (polygraph) machine ap...

By Gp Imports, Inc

Free Christmas Ringtones Version 1.0.0
Celebrate your favorite christmas songs everytime your phone rings. set "jingle bells" when mom calls and "silent night" when dad calls. upgrade ...

By MobGen, Inc.

Funniest internet Jokes Version 1.0.0
Caution -- users of this app have been known to laugh hysterically while looking at their phones! this edition of jokes for all occasions is dedica...


Preferences Version 1.2.0
Application containing all your preferences into a single application accessible.

By Simon Garrelou

Spaz Beta for Twitter Version 1.5.6
The beta version of spaz, an open source microblogging client for twitter, identi.ca, and statusnet

By Funkatron Productions

Save Battery (beta) Version 1.0.0
It's not a secret: the batteries of high-end phones are quite fast empty. here's the first program to fight against the battery-problem. this app d...

By Tamoggemon

Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes Version 1.2.2
Daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes from top astrologer, jonathan cainer. plus 'thought for the day' and 'find out about your friend'! get advice ...

By Reality Marketing Ltd

0.99 USD
ZenSearch - Craigslist Mobile Browser Version 1.3.2
Searching craigslist has never been this simple - with this easy to use, yet powerful, application, you can quickly browse craigslist to find what ...

By Gabriele Nizzoli

Breakfast Club SB Version 1.6.0
This application is a soundboard for the movie the breakfast club. starring emilio estevez, paul gleason, anthony michael hall, john kapelos, judd...

By Demetry Gutierrez

1.29 CAD
Zelda Soundboard Version 2.5.5
Soundboard from the legend of zelda game for the nes! contains sound clips that can be used for ringtones or other sound boards. the legend of zel...

By James Derek Tate

2.99 CAD
Hooters Calendar Screen Wash Version 1.0.0
Dirty screen? no problem!! hooters calendar girls are here to clean your screen. say goodbye to dust and fingerprints and hello to the gorgeous ...

By On The Go Girls

Boardfoot Calculator Version 1.0.3
This app is for determining the amount of boardfeet in a board. you enter the dimensions, quantity and price, and are automatically told how much y...

By Ryan Brown

0.99 CAD
Arithmetic Brain Version 1.3.0
Do you need a calculator to work out your shopping bill? would you like to get some practice in doing arithmetic in your head? you can now use your...

By Holland Numerics Ltd

0.99 CAD
Decimal Brain Version 1.2.0
Do you need a calculator to work out your shopping bill? do those pesky decimal points get in the way? would you like to get some practice in doing...

By Holland Numerics Ltd

0.99 USD
Mortgage Grapher Version 1.0.6
The best way to understand a mortgage is to see all its pieces on a graph. designed for mortgages and any type of loan, this application takes that...

By Little Earth

1.99 CAD
Cheap Gas & Stations Locator Version 2.0.0
Driving to work, or just looking for the local 7-eleven? this cheap gas locator helps you find the cheapest gas stations... exxon, chevron, bp, 7-e...

By James Derek Tate

TapNote Version 1.1.3
Tapnote eschews clutter and complexity to make writing a joy: * plain text: don't dig through menus for formatting commands; focus on what matters...

By One Crayon

0.99 CAD
Phrase Catcher Game Version 1.0.0
Our take on this party game. currently there are over 3000 words and growing. if you have lists you would like add send them to us! ---------------...

By Engine Equals Car