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0.99 CAD
Wage Calculator Version 1.0.0
Salary rate calculator is for converting & comparing hourly rates vs. annual salary.this calculator helps you to know in any moment how much you ar...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Excel Formulas Version 1.0.0
Learning excel formulas is very critical for the successful use of spreadsheet software. this app contains formulas to perform basic calculations i...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Jobs Aggregrator Version 1.0.0
Now you don't have to spend hours searching thousands of individual job boards, career sites, local newspapers, and corporate sites. jobs aggregra...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Cost Savings Calculators Version 1.0.0
If you have a savings goal, use this savings calculators to figure out how much you can using coffee savings, cigarette costs, gas savings, lunch s...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Shift and Arrange Version 1.0.0
Very addictive smart game . try to put all the pieces in alphabetical order, 'a' through 'o'. click on any alphabet next to empty box and they will...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Money Counter Version 1.0.0
Enter the number of bills and coins and this app will calculate the total amount of money you have.

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Tic Tac Toe With Mobile Version 1.0.0
Special tic tac toe game playable either against a friend or against the mobile. tic-tac-toe, also spelled tick tack toe, or noughts and crosses is...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Concentration Game Version 1.0.0
How's your memory? find the matching pairs. test your memory, improve your concentration. for kids and children of all ages and grades

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Lion and Deer Chess Version 1.0.0
Chess game between lion and deer. if the lions have killed all the deers, then the lion win or the deers have made all the lions not able to move ...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Chess With Mobile Version 1.0.0
Are you more intelligent than your mobile? you can play this chess game with your friend or mobile.

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Car Loan Estimator Version 1.0.2
On sale all weekend! don't trust the car salesman! if you're car shopping, you need this app now! get near perfect estimates on your car loan pay...

By Pj Nation LLC

FIFA Fixtures Version 2.3.0
App for listing the current standings, fixtures, & results for some fifa leagues. update 2.3.0 - fixed broken feeds.

By McDoogle Software

2.99 CAD
New Episodes Version 1.0.4
*$2.99 end of fall tv season sale* don't waste time on tv guides filled with crappy shows and reruns when you can have everything you want to watc...

By ComoNetix

1.49 EUR
My Cigars Version 1.0.0
Rate and manage your cigars. the rating criteria are freely editable. an overall rating is calculated by a weighting criterion for each rating cat...

By Peter Völkl

Mobsters: Big Apple Version 1.438.8471
Mobsters: big apple is the biggest mafia game on webos. get 10 free favor points for downloading the game! and if you’re a mobsters facebook or m...

By Playdom

Family Fone Finder Version 1.4.1
Family fone finder works with your phone's gps to determine your location and approximate street address. you can copy this information to the clip...

By FamilyFoneFinder.com

27c3 Schedule Version 0.0.6
With this app you can download & browse the presentation schedule of the 27th chaos communication congress (27c3) in berlin. new in this version: ...

By Daniel Dorau

1.99 CAD
Notekeeper Version 0.4.0
Notekeeper is an intuitive and lightweight notes application for palm pre. it features a simple interface & sleek design. updates: v0.4.0: - add...

By OMA Studios

Quick SMS Version 1.0.4
Quick sms is an app, where you can create quick sms. when you create them you choose the text and the recipient. then you can quickly send the sms....

By DP Mobile Solutions

1.99 CAD
How Drunk? Version 1.0.1
Have you ever thought about how drunk you really are? now you have a chance to stay updated all night long with "how drunk?" for your webos device...

By DP Mobile Solutions