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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-d...

Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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What's On My Card Lite Version 1.0.6
Store cards can be a blessing, keeping track of them can be a hassle. what’s on my card will help you keep track of all your store cards and home ...

By Victory Link USA

Donations Version 1.0.0
Donations is an application for managing allocation and transfer of funds from donors to beneficiaries for non-profit organizations, banks, money l...


Chess.com Version 1.2.5
Play the game with over 1500 years of history on the palm in your hand. chess.com for webos lets you play correspondence chess against any of the ...

By Chess.com

1.43 CAD
neato! Version 0.9.5
Update: fixed phone to computer feature. this version requires you to reinstall your browser bookmarklet. neato! is a small app that sits in the d...

By Zhephree

1.49 CAD
Toot Version 1.0.5
Watch your favourite machines on your phone! features excavator,wheel loader,roller,airplane,steam engine,dump truck,car,battleship,helicopter,truc...

By ThinMachine

Multiple App Launcher beta Version 0.1.0
Multiple app launcher lets you launch several apps at once.

By ScienceApps

1.89 CAD
BobChatter Version 1.0.6
Bob chatter is a new chat/ instant messenger which allows pre and pixi users around the world to communicate in a fun and innovative way. bob chatt...

By Earthoid

Dominio Domain Lookup Version 1.0.1
Dominio uses the fantastic domai.nr service to find domain names & creative combinations in which they could be used. great for coming up with shor...

By Pretty App Machine

SmartDrunk BETA Version 1.0.0
Born from the (possibly wise) decision of serving beer & food at the 2010 palm webos developer days, here's a beer counting app that, well, actuall...

By No Insult Software

1.49 EUR
Droid X Version 1.0.0
Want to turn your palm device into a droid x look-alike? this app allows you to do that. this application shows droid x like home screen image on ...

By Palm Soft Inc.

Hacker News for webOS Version 0.0.3
View front page stories from hacker news in an easy to read format. in active development, more features coming soon. unofficial app from a fan. ...

By Almaden Code

Fruits And Flowers Encyclopedia Version 1.0.0
Welcome to fruits and flowers encyclopedia kid application for learning about fruits and flowers. tapping on a image will enlarge view with name an...

By Fitzgerald Engineering

Vehicle Kidz Version 1.0.0
Welcome to vehicle kidz.it displays different category of vehicles ,tapping on vehicle will display the image in a full screen and makes its name ...

By Fitzgerald Engineering

Lighter Lite Beta (Pixi) Version 0.6.0
0.6.0--initial release****************** beta for a good reason.... i have a lot to do to it.. a free beta lighter app. i have not seen any in the ...

By Patrick's App Creation

0.99 CAD
Rotterdam Metro Version 1.0.0
Find information about the metro railway system in rotterdam. you can find rotterdam metro map, lines and stations with ease. once installed this a...

By Nanonino

0.99 CAD
Dictionary, Thesaurus and Rhymes Version 1.0.0
A three part tool that allows you to look up definitions, find synonyms, or bust a rhyme! search from multiple dictionaries at one time including ...

By Pj Nation LLC

0.99 CAD
Rennes Metro Version 1.0.0
Find information about the metro railway system in rennes. you can find rennes metro map, lines and stations with ease. once installed this app can...

By Nanonino

0.99 CAD
Tokyo Metro Version 1.0.0
Find information about the metro railway system in tokyo. you can find tokyo metro map, lines and stations with ease. once installed this app can p...

By Nanonino

0.99 CAD
Are Your Ears Ringing? Version 1.0.0
This app features the most annoying sound ever...ringing in the ears! just fire up this app and press play. sit back & watch as people try to figur...

By Pj Nation LLC

0.99 CAD
Reversi 2.0 for Pixi Version 1.0.0
Reversi 2.0 is a web 2.0 take on a classic strategy board game. reversi was invented in 1883 & has entertained millions! if you like solitaire, pok...

By Pj Nation LLC