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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-d...

Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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0.99 USD
WallRevolve: Flickr Edition Version 1.1.0
Rotate your background using flickr! bored with your phone’s default wallpaper options? fight retinal monotony with wallrevolve, an app that cycle...

By 8-bit development llc

0.99 USD
Honor Dice Version 1.0.6
Honor is currently 9 different dice games with more being adding with the updates we push out. you can also currently choose between 12 different d...

By RealitySE

0.99 USD
MMA Trivia Round 1 Version 1.0.3
3 intense modes and tons of questions to never let you get bored! rumble mode lets you train skills and use question points to fight other players...

By RealitySE

2.99 CAD
Plickr Version 1.2.0
A simple and sleek flickr app for your webos device. features: • view your photostream ��� upload photos to flickr • search for photos, • view i...

By Inglorious Apps

Putki(Insanely addictive 3D tunnel game) Version 1.2.8
"fun, fun, fun!!! insanely addictive is not a joke, it's a warning!" -customer review (5 stars) more reviews: "superb gameplay. addictive and nice ...

By Alphapolygon

College Basketball Gameline Version 1.1.0
You know what's awesome? basketball. you know what's not? everything else. with azdak college basketball gameline, track any and every ncaa men's ...

By Azdak Interactive

1.1 CAD
Tumblbox for webOS Version 1.0.7
*latest version fixes the issue where the dashboard would not load and posts would not reblog. please adjust your review if you were affected by th...

By Jamtat

0.99 USD
9 Tails Coin Toss Version 1.5.1
A traditional coin toss results in one of two options, heads or tails - 2 participants per toss. 9 tails coin toss allows up to 9 individuals to ...

By PencilPoint Software

0.99 USD
FitTrack Version 0.8.8
*fittrack is now on sale!* in new release: bug fixes. introducing fittrack a gps enabled application for webos. running, jogging, biking or dri...

By Miller Technologies

1.99 CAD
Calling Card for WebOs Version 1.2.0
Do you make a lot of long distance or international calls with a phone card? then this is the app for you!. how many times you wished there was an ...

By GC Computer Tech

Anagrams Version 1.1.0
Classic anagram game where the goal is to reorder the letter of another world.

By DS Effects

SFR WiFi Version 2.1.0
Profitez du surf internet mobile en haut-débit en vous connectant à plusieurs millions de points d'accès sfr wifi, sfr wifi public, sfr wifi gares,...


Hangman Mania Version 1.1.0
Classic hangman game, try to find the exact word.

By DS Effects

Dice Swap Version 1.1.0
Get vertical or horizontal straights of numbers of three or more. clicking on a die will increase by one and will change all dice of that color.

By DS Effects

High Or Low 2 Version 1.1.0
Four cards are dealt from a deck of cards, you have to predict whether the next card will be higher or lower.

By DS Effects

1.99 USD
QuickQueue for Netflix Version 1.0.0
Quickqueue enables you to quickly search netflix's entire catalog for movies and tv shows and then easily add them to your disc (dvd or blu-ray) or...

By AppsByDel

1.99 USD
Sports Calendar Version 2.0.4
**sports calendar currently is not able to add events to the calendar on webos 2.0. palm has reimplemented the process for applications adding even...

By Unnamed Applications, Inc

Sports Calendar - Free Version Version 2.0.4
**sports calendar currently is not able to add events to the calendar on webos 2.0. palm has reimplemented the process for applications adding even...

By Unnamed Applications, Inc

1.99 CAD
Spare Time Version 0.5.2
Spare time is an instapaper client. use it to list & read all of your unread, archived, and starred articles. you can also star or archive your art...

By SemicolonApps

Deal A Meal 1.0 Version 1.1.0
Welcome to ‘deal a meal,’ the personal chef application brought to you by jtr softworks. using our special meal randomizing technology, ‘deal a m...

By JTR Softworks