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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-d...

Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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3.99 CAD
AP Art History Exam Version 1.0.4
Aiming for a high score on your ap art history exam? look no further! upward mobility's ap art history exam prep software for palm webos is the per...

By UpWard Mobility

Taser Gun Version 1.0.6
Update 2: customize your taser gun with 5 new skins! update: switch fixed! stun your friends with this funny app! with electrical clacking noise a...

By estudio32

15.99 CAD
NBDE Parts I&II Dental Exam Prep Bundle Version 1.0.4
Upward mobility’s national board dental exam bundle app for palm webos is a valuable tool to help you pass the important american dental associatio...

By UpWard Mobility

8.99 CAD
FINRA Series 63 State Law Exam Prep Version 1.0.4
Perfect for the on-the-go financial professional! || upward mobility's finra series 63 exam prep app for palm webos contains 251 focused question...

By UpWard Mobility

12.99 USD
NBDE I Prep (National Board Dental Exam) Version 1.0.3
This upward mobility app for webos is a valuable tool to help you pass the national board dental exam part i. this practice exam/review module con...

By UpWard Mobility

Evernote Version 1.1.0
Evernote turns your palm pre into an extension of your brain. this award-winning application lets you remember and recall anything that happens in ...

By Evernote

Gamer Friends for PSN FREE (MEXICO) Version 1.4.2000
Gamer friends for psn allows you to *enter some or all of your friends psn ids into the app *enter your psn credentials to get your psn friends li...

By Appstuh

0.99 USD
1001 Bible Verses Version 1.1.1
This application offers a collection of over 1000 essential bible verses on many important topics such as faith, relationships, money & possessions...


Look Angle Calculator Version 1.1.1
If you travel in the us and canada, and you take your satellite dish system with you and must set it up manually every time you stop, this calculat...

By Gelb intergalactic

1.99 USD
Celebrity Tweets Version 1.2.0
No twitter account required! this premium app with beautiful and easy-to-user interface will let you follow your favorite celebs and latest news ...


1.99 CAD
NYC Subways Version 2.0.0
Until now, you did not have a proper way to view the nyc subways on your palm... well, now you do! this comprehensive app covers all of mta, inclu...

By James Derek Tate

0.99 CAD
Dumb Waiter Pro Version 1.0.0
A tip is no longer just a number. dumb waiter is a tip calculator... with a twist. calculate the tip based on the actions of your waiter. were you ...

By BinaryIdiot

0.99 CAD
Da Flashlight Version 1.0.0
Just see the screenshots, images speak louder than words. main features: ✓ bulb (w/ multicolor picker) ✓ candle (animated!) ✓ light! (w/ multicol...

By Gp Imports, Inc

WebOS Internals Bobble Head Version 1.5.2
The official webos internals bobble head, made to support webos internals for their hard work. this application will always be free of charge so ma...

By CTL Advance CSAT

BikeCalc Version 0.9.0
This app calculates speed based on power or vice versa. additional input parameters are: rider weight, bike weight, rider height, air temperature, ...

By Skidsoft

0.99 EUR
HTC Droid Incredible Version 1.0.0
Want to turn your palm device into a fake htc droid incredible look-alike? this app allows you to do that. this application shows htc droid incred...

By Palm Soft Inc.

0.99 CAD
Captain Falcon Sounds Version 1.1.3
Falcon punch....enjoy this and 7 other quotes and sound effects from captain falcon. taken from super smash brothers.

By Soundboard Masters

0.99 CAD
Arrested Development Soundboard Version 1.1.3
Includes 25 different quotes from the hit tv series, arrested development.

By Soundboard Masters

0.99 CAD
Blazing Saddles Soundboard Version 1.1.3
Includes 18 quotes and sounds from the classic movie, blazing saddles.

By Soundboard Masters

0.99 CAD
Coca Cola Jingles Version 1.1.3
Includes 13 classic coca cola commercial jingles.

By Soundboard Masters