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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-d...

Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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0.99 CAD
Waynes World Soundboard Version 1.1.3
Party on wayne...enjoy this and 17 other classic phrases from waynes world.

By Soundboard Masters

0.99 USD
Top 100 '60s Songs Version 1.1.0
What are the 100 greatest songs of the '60s? this application plays the full tracks of the greatest music of the '60s hear the beatles, the stone...

By Hewlett-Packard

0.99 USD
Southern Rock Top 100 of All Time Version 1.1.0
Listen to the 100 greatest southern rock songs of all time. from the allman brothers to lynyrd skynyrd — hear them all here. these songs weren't...

By Hewlett-Packard

0.99 USD
Old School Hip Hop Top 100 Version 1.1.0
The most loyal, dedicated and knowledgeable followers of hip hop will appreciate this collection of the top 100 old school hip hop songs. listen t...

By Hewlett-Packard

0.99 USD
Top 100 Halloween Songs Version 1.1.0
Now this is a treat (not a trick). listen to the top 100 songs for halloween. great for that ghoulish gathering, or to get in the monster mood. th...

By Hewlett-Packard

0.99 USD
Christian Rock Music Version 1.1.0
For those who love christian rock, here is the essential collection of music from this powerful genre. listen to full-track songs from some of t...

By Hewlett-Packard

BestPrice Version 0.7.0
Recent features are currently in english only & will be localized eventually. this application is a cost per unit calculator designed to save you ...

By jaf0 Software

Slideshow for Pixi Version 1.2.1
Turn your phone into a digital picture frame! this app finds photos stored in your phone and plays a slideshow with them. very simple to use, just ...

By Third Wish Software

HN+Instapaper Version 1.1.1
Keep track of articles on news.ycombinator.com a.k.a. hn a.k.a. hackernews even when you are on the go. the application integrates with your instap...

By DaveCo

7.49 EUR
Auto Total Version 1.0.2
Auto total manages all the costs of your car. it logs all costs like fuelling, calculates the consumption of your car and many other statistics! au...

By Robert Muetzner

PuzzleScapes Version 1.0.4
Put the landscape back together! puzzlescapes is an image puzzle game where you drag and drop parts of landscapes back into their correct configur...

By Mike McElligott

Le journal du Geek Version 0.3.4
Le journal du geek - application for palm webos - french high tech news

By ScienceApps

The App Box Version 1.8.0
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to browse every webos app available to you right on your phone and be able to sort, search and download them? now y...

By Bowden Apps

1.99 USD
Google Latitude Assistant Version 1.1.1
Keep your google latitude location updated using this application. view the locations of your friends and family. with google latitude your friends...

By JM Productions

AnimalCards Version 1.0.4
Put the animals back together! animalcards is a fun way for the animal lover in your household to be entertained for hours at a time. 100 differe...

By Mike McElligott

CycWard Beta Version 1.0.0
Cycward is the unofficial fan guide to the echl cincinnati cyclones brought to you by section60.com. view the upcoming schedule, previous results,...

By Yellowfinsolutions, LLC.

Word Kidz Version 1.0.0
Word kidz is a kids application to learn first words.tapping on a image will enlarge view with name and spells its spelling. setting preferences us...

By Fitzgerald Engineering

0.99 CAD
Amsterdam Metro Version 1.0.0
Find information about the metro railway system in amsterdam. you can find amsterdam metro map, lines and stations with ease. once installed this a...

By Nanonino

NHL Live Scores Version 1.0.0
Get live nhl scores, straight to your phone, for free! this app includes a live scoreboard of all nhl scores happening, and it shows the time for t...

By Philip Bernstein

American Capitals (Keys) Version 4.8.3
Guess the capitals of the american nations. this game aids learning through: - addictive action to repeatedly expose target words to the player ...

By tEarn Media