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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-d...

Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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Framingham CVD Risk Calculator Version 0.9.0
This application is a risk assessment tool which uses information from the framingham heart study to predict a person’s chance of having cardiovasc...

By Palmdoc.net

TV Schedule Version 1.0.5
Browse local television programming and set reminders for your favorite shows. reminders appear 5 minutes ahead of the show's start time so you don...

By DaveCo

Wooter! Version 1.0.1
Wooter combines the portals for woot, sellout, shirt, kids and wine sites into one easy to use application. want to check what's currently being so...

By BinaryIdiot

0.99 CAD
Drummer ON SALE Version 1.0.0
Drummer is a complete drum set right at your fingertips. for a quick jam with your band, to play along with your favorite song or to simply try som...

By Hendi and Bjoern

1.99 CAD
Anatomy Encyclopedia (on sale) Version 0.8.0
****on sale for a limited time**** -------------------------------------------------- anatomy encyclopedia is the largest database about anatomy w...

By ScienceApps

1.79 CAD
AlcoTest Drunk Calculator (on sale) Version 1.3.1
***************on sale for a limited time**********************alcotest estimates your blood alcohol content, but also the time when you can drive....

By ScienceApps

Duck vs BP 2.0 - Free Version 1.0.3
Caution – extremely addictive and amusing! …my name is bond… duck bond. in a pollution-infested world, the only way for duck bond to stop inevitabl...


Droplets Free Version 1.0.6
The most challenging and beautiful game for your palm phone! experience sights and sounds of rainforest, where dew droplets form countless puzzles....


Bubble Birds Free Version 1.0.2
Bet you've already recognized what this is, right? yes, a version of good old bubble shooter. just remind you the classic rules: get as many points...


State Capitals (Keys) Version 4.8.3
Classic game. addictive learning game pits man versus machine. who's smarter? search bots find answers. guess the question. did the robots show sm...

By tEarn Media

ComingRain Version 1.0.2
With comingrain you get the weather forecast for today and tomorrow directly from your smartphone, via geolocation or by typing the name of your ci...

By Cora Apps

1.49 CAD
Coloring Book - Halloween Edition Version 1.0.4
### special halloween edition ### halloween is over for this year, but you can still enjoy the spacial halloween edition coloring book with all th...

By Avner Arbel

4.99 CAD
TealAuto Mileage and Service Version 2.3.2
Description: save fuel and track automobile mileage, service & expenses with tealauto, the supercharged complete log book for your car or any vehic...

By TealPoint Software

5.99 USD
iWorld Atlas Version 1.4.1
*** update v1.4.1- new malawi flag and flag description updated.... *** the most complete and interactive world atlas. whatever you are a globe-tr...

By Ze-Palm

4.99 CAD
TealTracker Time and Expense Billing Version 1.4.6
Description: track time & expenses with a fast, easy to use interface that requires minimal effort and doesn't interrupt your work flow. letting ...

By TealPoint Software

4.99 CAD
TealSafe Encrypted Data Wallet Version 1.7.3
Description: store your passwords, credit cards, pin numbers, & bank accounts in the tealsafe data wallet. a personal encrypted data vault and wall...

By TealPoint Software

1.19 CAD
UberRadio Version 1.4.0
A full-featured internet streaming radio with sleep, snooze & alarm clock! never oversleep with offline fallback and safe alarm mode. uberradio - ...

By MetaViewSoft

2.99 CAD
Fashion Facebook (Keys) Version 4.8.2
This app provides the movers of fashion with 400 animated flash cards that show the works of the top designers, brands, fashion shows, photographer...

By tEarn Media

0.99 CAD
Patriot - Waving Banner Version 1.0.0
Show your patriotism for your country with a waving "star-spangled banner" in front of a nice background.

By MetaViewSoft

Simple Big Book Version 1.1.0
Alcoholics anonymous for webos prepared by john k & rick b, updated by matt/xanadu73. this app includes the first 181 pages of alcoholics anonymou...

By TBC Software