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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-d...

Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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Pribbage Version 0.4.0
Cribbage (herein known as pribbage) is a 2-player card game. this particular version pits you against my programming skills, anthropomorphized as t...

By Chickenbee

1.89 CAD
Bob Chatter Version 1.0.6
Bob chatter is a hybrid chat/ instant messenger which allows pre and pixi users around the world to communicate in a fun and innovative way. bob ch...

By Earthoid

1.49 CAD
O'Chatter Version 1.0.1
O'chatter is an all new way to chat with other pre and pixi users around the world in a fun way. o'chatter communication technology is based off of...

By Bob Chatter

B* Chatr Version 1.0.5
B* chatr is a new chat/ instant messenger which allows pre and pixi users around the world to communicate in a fun and innovative way. b* chatr is ...

By Bob Chatter

redshift for Gravity Version 0.79.3
Redshift is a client to the gravity conversation platform. gravity makes it easy to nurture your interests by enabling group conversations around t...

By Radio Free Pixel

1.5 CAD
Multi Message Pro Version 1.0.5
***not webos 2.0 compatible. multi message apps are the simplest of all the group messaging apps to set up and use, they always work. organize your...

By [email protected] ideas Inc.

Multi Message Lite Version 1.0.8
***not webos 2.0 compatible. group sms/email messaging and 20 quick texts you can save, for free! no advertisements! what more could you ask for? t...

By [email protected] ideas Inc.

1.99 CAD
Weight Tracker Version 1.5.1
/***warning! this update will wipe all your previous weights. before updating, make sure to take note of all previously entered weights. this is ...

By Maxwell Barvian

DigiDater - Find true love around you Version 1.0.4
Available in english. digidater is the perfect app to find someone special or someone for right now. digidater is the first dating app for the webo...

By DigiKat Software

Sugar Bowl - The App Version 1.2.6
From construction of the first chair-lift in california, to the new judah lodge and summit lift, sugar bowl has been thrilling visitors since 1938....

By Mike Salayko

0.99 USD
Hold 'em Timer Version 1.0.6
Hold 'em timer is an easy to use app to keep track of the blinds while playing tournament style texas hold 'em poker with friends and family. simpl...

By Troy Lamberte

Locate-A-Rama Version 1.3.2
*locate-a starbucks! *locate-a restaurant! *locate-a club! *locate-a gas station! *locate-a anything! *locate-a-rama! easily locate w...

By 8-bit development llc

WMF Piggybank Version 1.0.0
Wmf piggybank is just a fun little piggybank app for tracking small amounts of money, basically for tracking things like how much money you are hol...

By WatchMeFreak

Definitive Saved By The Bell Quiz FULL Version 1.2.0
The full version is now available for free for the holidays!!! all 100+ questions! challenge yourself with the definitive saved by the bell q...

By 8 bit development llc

1.88 CAD
Pipeline Fury Version 1.1.8
As the best pipe guy in town, you have been called in emergency to prevent an imminent disaster. a breach just occured, and tons of water are about...

By L'indicible

1.66 CAD
MisterMind Version 1.3.0
In mistermind, your goal is to find out the secret combination imagined by your evil opponent in order to save the world/princess you care so much ...

By L'indicible

0.99 CAD
SoliPeg Version 1.0.4
Solipeg is a classic board game where you have to get rid of all pawns but one. to do so, a pawn has to "jump" over another one toward a free slot ...

By L'indicible

0.99 CAD
Crown Molding Version 1.1.0
Available in: english. the crown molding application can be used to calculate the miter and bevel angles to use with a miter saw when cutting crow...

By Wayne Fisher

0.99 CAD
What's On My Card Pro Version 1.0.6
Store cards can be a blessing, keeping track of them can be a hassle. what’s on my card will help you keep track of all your store cards and home ...

By Victory Link USA

1.99 CAD
Puzzle Orbs Version 1.5.4
Puzzle orbs is a drop-based puzzle game similar to classics such as tetris and the puyo pop series. match orbs of the same color and try to create ...

By Robert Broglia