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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-d...

Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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Palm applications and games 85/300
Movie Info Version 1.1.1
*now updated with actor search* movie info will let you search information about movies. simply type the title or cast name and press search. it us...

By DP Mobile Solutions

0.99 CAD
Bridge Call Dialer Version 1.0.1
Bridge call dialer enables you to join a bridge conference call with only couple of taps on your pre/pixi. for better usability...

By AHUB Development

0.99 USD
PDFMyWeb Pro Version 1.4.0
Pdfmyweb is a small utility which allows saving web-pages and rss feeds as pdf files on your webos device for offline reading. you just enter the u...

By IT-Dimension

StopTimer - Stopwatch and Timer Version 1.0.2
Update: the stoptimer now has an on screen number pad for easier countdown input. stoptimer is a full featured stopwatch and timer application for ...

By DiceApps.com

4.99 USD
James Cameron's Avatar HD Version 1.0.4
Go deeper into the spectacular world of james cameron’s avatar™ and embark on a fantastic journey of redemption and discovery two decades prior to ...

By Gameloft

1.99 USD
GroceryList Version 1.2.12
New: save money! compare your prices for all stores in the item details screen! grocerylist is the ultimate shopping list program for the palm pre ...

By Java Sanity

Sytadin Version 1.2.0
Sytadin allows you to view maps from the real time traffic information in paris and ile-de-france. features include auto-refresh, zooming and view ...

By C2S

9.99 CAD
Farnsworth Search Assistant Version 1.0.0
An app truly for the high class men and women that need a search assistant, your very own farnsworth butler, to take care of all their search needs...

By Space Cash

Global Shoutbox Version 1.0.8
With global shoutbox you can shout a message all over the world or just watch your phone what others are shouting. please note that this is not a c...

By omoco

2.99 CAD
Orbital Version 1.0.3
Awards and prizes: game of the year denki.co.uk winner discoverybeats apps contest silver award pocketgamer.co.uk get the game of the year now!...

By bitforge Ltd.

3.99 CAD
The Hunting Reference Manual Version 1.0.0
Hunting game for food, clothing and shelter is a big part of the story of the human race. it predates the human civilization we know today in many ...

By AppBookShop.com

3.99 CAD
Holiday Games & Activities Version 1.0.0
Not all games have to be for children, or have to be serious. good gracious, adults like to let their hair down and have a good, silly time too. th...

By AppBookShop.com

3.99 CAD
Home Security Reference Manual Version 1.0.0
When the topic of home security springs to mind, most people seem to think of burglar alarms and little to nothing else. alarms can be a great way...

By AppBookShop.com

3.99 CAD
A Guide Book To Job Searching Version 1.0.0
Finding the best job that suits your personality and your lifestyle is never easy. it’s actually a full time job itself. to better understand you...

By AppBookShop.com

3.99 CAD
Home Decorating Guide Version 1.0.0
Utter the two words home decorating in a crowd or women and the place will go mad. these two words seem to breathe fire in women's bellies. most wo...

By AppBookShop.com

3.99 CAD
Understanding The Basics Of Investing Version 1.0.0
When it comes to investing, many first time investors want to jump right in with both feet. unfortunately, very few of those investors are successf...

By AppBookShop.com

3.99 CAD
Home Schooling Handbook Version 1.0.0
The term 'homeschooling' basically refers to the process in which one or more children of not more than 2 families are instructed by parents or leg...

By AppBookShop.com

3.99 CAD
Finding The Right Hobby Version 1.0.0
Have you ever played one too many computer games or watched one too many old reruns? you just can't get into another mystery and you just feel fla...

By AppBookShop.com

3.99 CAD
Finding The Right Home Theatre Systems Version 1.0.0
Many people never bother looking into purchasing a home theatre through sheer fear of the decisions that may need to be made in the process. many a...

By AppBookShop.com

3.99 CAD
Hiking and Camping Primer Version 1.0.0
Are you looking for something to do this summer, spring, or even fall? whether you are looking to do so something independently, with your family,...

By AppBookShop.com