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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-d...

Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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0.99 CAD
Human Body Anatomy Version 2.0.0
1.5 update: update for muscular, lymphatic & endocrine systems. a useful 101 reference for the human body. illustrations with focus on body parts a...

By Quizmine.Com

LottoScope Version 1.1.3
★★★★★ quickly check your mega millions and powerball lottery numbers with lottoscope. retrieve current and previous winning numbers at the launch...

By myGeeks.com

1.99 USD
Brain Booster: An ultimate guide Version 2.0.5
Information that can be used by medical practitioners and general people 1. the dietary reference intake (dri) from the institute of medicine (...

By Follow Instinct

2.99 USD
Home First Aid Course Version 1.0.0
Know what to do in a medical emergency? this home first aid course app describes important first aid techniques in an easy to understand way. topi...

By Follow Instinct

0.99 CAD
Sounds for Sleep Version 1.0.9
Sounds for sleep includes 6 very high quality sounds of nature. these sounds include a soft rain, sounds of a beach, rain forest, seaside, a thunde...

By Merkel Apps

0.99 CAD
Age Calculator Version 1.9.0
Did you ever wonder to know your age not just in years, months but also in days, hours, minutes and seconds? its very funny to see while aging! the...

By Follow Instinct

2.5 CAD
iGPS Version 1.2.0
***update v1.2.0 - new feature: cancel or resume a track- ...*** igps embeds the functionality of an advanced handheld gps unit to track, graph an...

By Ze-Palm

Sobriety Calculator Version 1.0.1
Did you ever wonder to know how many days have been passed since you last drink? this application calculates your sober days by taking the drink da...

By Follow Instinct

dotspott Version 1.4.1
Dotspott allows you to easily keep track of locations ("spotts") that are important to you. your personal database of locations (and related meta...

By Avishkar Autar

0.99 CAD
Flip Your Text Version 1.2.0
This app was created for awesome status updates on all major social networking sites, ways to confuse your friends when you text them cause the fon...

By David Faircloth

0.99 CAD
Philippines Wallpapers Version 1.0.0
Beautiful landscapes of the philippines. images taken in the region of luzon (manila, tagaitay ...) and the wonderful boracay. decorate your scree...

By Tagoror Networks

1.49 CAD
Jungle Sounds Version 1.1.0
Are you looking for an animal sounds application? well search no more! jungle sounds has all you need. you and your child can hear what all of the ...

By Tagoror Networks

1.5 CAD
Prank Pack Version 2.0.0
Huge sale! now only 1 dollar! the ultimate pranks app for webos! this app lets you send emails to anyone, from anyone, which is great for email pra...

By Philip Bernstein

0.99 CAD
Ambient Dub Ringtones Version 1.0.0
Enjoy with drums and electronic sounds. ringtones for your palm.

By Jukebox Fever

0.99 CAD
Absolut Wallpapers Deluxe Version 1.0.1
Awesome wallpapers collection. nice landscapes and images for your palm pre and pixi. beautifull wallpapers!

By Tagoror Networks

Camera Fun! --Half off till Christmas! Version 2.4.0
Now with 99 items! new! request new items! turn a boring photo into a fun and wacky laugh riot. take a picture and transform it by adding funny i...

By Chickenfarm

0.99 CAD
Christmas: Jingle Bells Shaker Version 1.0.1
**updated with 5 second sound!** just in time for the holidays! this app is great for getting festive. it's incredibly intuitive, all you have to d...

By Intuiteer

0.99 USD
Face Morpher --Half off till Christmas! Version 1.2.0
--half price for a limited time :) what's better than a photo of your loved ones? a hilarious photo of their face stretched and squeezed into an a...

By Chickenfarm

Kosher2Go Version 0.6.5
Powered by the shamash.org kosher database (the world’s largest most accurate kosher database), kosher2go provides access to over 2700 kosher esta...

By Rocketouch

Keys - the search game Version 4.8.4
Addictive learning game pits man versus machine. who's smarter? search bots find answers. guess the question. did the robots show smart clues? beat...

By tEarn Media