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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-d...

Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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Diet Control Demo Version 3.4.4
Try this great diet control application for 14 days 3.4.4 update: 1.better performance , much quicker 2.enhanced search mechanism 3.fixed bug in...

By Wevos

PoorDecisions.net Lite Version 1.5.3
You ever made a poor decision? of course you have. some of them are funny, and they end up on poordecisions.net. this app gives you access to all...

By PoorDecisions.net

0.99 CAD
Flap Clock 3000 Version 1.1.0
A flip clock you'll have loads of fun with, especially if you're fidgety like me, or just like flip clocks, like me. displays 12- or 24-hour time ...

By Darren Embry

Bible P 中文聖經 Version 2.2.0
Bible p. provide below books, - 和合本 繁體 - king james version

By iisa Solutions

My Keypad Version 1.3.0
Remote control of honeywell security panels and video devices by users possessing an alarmnet total connect account

By Honeywell

0.99 CAD
Breast Cancer Risk Calculator Version 1.0.1
This tool uses a medically validated tool to calculate the risk of breast cancer in women older than 35 years using a national cancer institute pro...

By Eywas Basket LLC

SimpleWeather Version 1.0.7
***updates below***we're proud to present to you our latest app simpleweather. we wanted a weather application that was not only reliable, but also...

By Leetcom

Free Fart Ringtones Version 1.1.0
Download free fart ringtones and get the freshest collection of hd ultra bass fart ringtones every produced. with full surround sound support we g...

By MobGen, Inc.

2.99 CAD
2010 Funniest Ringtones Version 1.1.0
Download 2010 funniest ringtones and get the funniest collection of ringtones to keep you and your friends laughing everytime your palm phone rings...

By MobGen, Inc.

0.99 CAD
Movie Night Version 1.0.0
With movie night, you can easily search multiple websites for info about movies, reviews, cast, future movies, and show times. everything is at you...

By Space Cash

Movie DB Version 1.2.0
***** new: added more information to both the movie and cast/crew views. now each of these sections are a little cleaner using a tab menu at the bo...

By Silent Apps

0.99 CAD
PoorDecisions.net Full Version 1.5.2
Have you ever made a poor decision? of course you have! now let's share our funny poor decisions and the hilarious aftermaths. here you can view...

By PoorDecisions.net

0.99 CAD
Mind Wall Version 1.0.1
Mind wall is unique 3d arcade puzzler that is instantly understood, beautifully simple to control, and diabolically difficult to master. tap a cel...

By Robinson Technologies

0.99 USD
Conmigo Version 1.2.0
Conmigo combines your gps and the magic of the internet to allow you to walk, run or bike with anyone, anywhere, anytime and receive live tracking ...

By ConmigoLife

1.99 CAD
Dungeon Scroll Version 1.0.1
“depending on how you look at it, dungeon scroll either takes adventuring/rpg games or puzzle games where they haven't been before ... puzzle game ...

By Robinson Technologies

0.99 CAD
ChemConverter Version 1.6.5
** new in 1.6.5: type to search shows result count, added more items to the list making it a total of 64 ** typing to search not only filters the ...

By Palmdoc.net

3To2 Map's Beta 3 Version 1.0.0
The first and only first maping app to provide streetview from google maps.

By M-O-J-O Development

4.99 USD
Pack 'n' Track Version 1.0.25
Early holiday sale!!! pack ‘n’ track is a shipment tracking application that supports federal express (fedex), united parcel service (ups), the un...

By Syntactix LLC

Eponyms for WebOS Version 2.1.0
Over 1,700 common and obscure medical eponyms (e.g., rovsing's sign, virchow's node) with descriptions in your webos device! this program is a port...

By Palmdoc.net

SWR3-Elchradio Version 1.2.4
This is the app for fans of germanys most popular radio station swr3: das swr3-elchradio auf dem palm. swr3 live hören hört euch das live-progra...

By Suedwestrundfunk