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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-d...

Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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Skyrock.com Version 1.0.2
Skyrock.com débarque sur ton palm ! une appli spécialement conçue pour gérer ton blog et ton profil où que tu sois et quand tu veux...

By Skyrock -Telefun

0.99 CAD
Match 'Em - Thanksgiving Edition Version 1.0.5
Presented in english. match 'em - thanksgiving edition is a wonderful way to kick off this holiday season. test your memory in this implementation ...

By Dynaptic, LLC

Fitness Counter Version 2.0.1
Simple application for quick calculation of bmi (body mass index) and approximate calories burned for a selection of common activities using met (...

By AppTech

0.99 USD
Portfolio Manager Version 2.1.0
Update : 11/18/2010 - support for uk and canadian stocks and fix for the currency in quotes. portfolio manager is an application to track your por...

By Bhaskar Inc.

2.99 CAD
Smiles Drop Version 1.0.8
Also available smiles zen. also available smiles, both games in one! smiles drop is an all new take on the classic matching game genre. it's des...

By Sykhronics Entertainment

My Feeds Free Version 1.0.3
My feeds free is a free rss news reader that works standalone or with your google reader account. to access your google reader feeds simply login w...

By JM Productions

2.99 CAD
Smiles Zen Version 1.0.8
Also available smiles drop. also available smiles, both games in one. smiles zen is a relaxing strategic puzzle game. it uniquely combines a mat...

By Sykhronics Entertainment

0.99 CAD
Scoreboard Version 1.1.0
Shows current and past game scores for american major league baseball (mlb) and national hockey league (nhl) teams. updates even 60 seconds for the...

By App Techies

0.99 CAD
Essential Health Calculators Version 1.0.0
Health calculators are a quick and easy way to assess your health or lookup health information. simply enter a few values and hit calculate for in...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Kitchen Calculator Version 1.0.0
With kitchen calculator (with friendly user interface) you can quickly make any type of cooking conversions such as cups to teaspoons or grams to ...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 USD
Amazon Books Price Watcher Version 1.0.6
Track book prices on amazon.com and buy them when the price is right. you can set maximum prices for both new and used books and the application wi...

By DaveCo

0.99 CAD
Drinking Games! CONTEST INSIDE!! Version 1.0.2
An app full of drinking games & more! what could go wrong?! this app is a feature packed collection of drinking games that is sure to get you throu...

By BdotR

Objection! Version 1.1.0
*available in: english* *note: this app is intended for use only by new or professional lawyers* new in 1.1.0: - new ui and design - 3 new ...

By Badri Bros

0.99 CAD
Motorshow08 Version 1.0.1
Wallpapers for your palm!

By K.Alex

Fuel Cost Version 0.4.3
Fuel cost is an simple and free calculator for the costs of a trip with any vehicle with combustion engine.

By ART-ifact

1.49 EUR
Sport Total 2010/2011 Version 1.0.3
With 'sport total' you can manage the bundesliga and other leagues in europe for the saison 2010/2011. all datas are from www.openligadb.de. you ne...

By Robert Muetzner

ComingSoon Mobile Version 3.0.0
The comingsoon mobile application offers you the possibility to know showtimes for all the movie-theaters in italy. with out application you'll be...

By Anicaflash

0.99 CAD
Quick Tip Calculator Version 1.0.1
Calculate tips easily and in the way you expect.quickly shows tip amounts for 10%, 15%, 20% which you need mostly.you can also enter your own tip p...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Australia Celebrity Tweets Version 1.0.2
Watch australian celebrities tweets from movies,television ,news, politics,business etc., australia celebrity tweets is the right place to watch al...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

0.99 CAD
Celebrity Instant Tweets Version 1.0.2
More than 1000 celebrity tweet updates now in your mobile. famous celebrities from hollywood, movies, politics etc.,celebrity tweets is the right p...

By Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)