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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
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Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
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HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
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0.99 CAD
Jersey Shore 'The Situation' Soundboard! Version 2.0.1
This app is an extensive soundboard for mike 'the situation' sorrentino of the tv show "jersey shore". it has 50 unique clips. all clips are super ...

By BdotR

0.99 CAD
Jersey Shore 'Snooki' Soundboard Version 1.4.1
This is the only app you'll ever need if you want snooki's voice on command. this app has 30 of her trademark phrases with 15 more coming in the ne...

By BdotR

SFR TV Version 2.2.1
Avec sfr tv, regardez en direct une large sélection de chaînes tv accessible en 3g et wifi, et profitez de la fonction guide tv. l’accès et l’utili...


1.29 CAD
BPM Counter Pro Version 1.1.2
Looking for a quick way to figure out the tempo of a song or need to create a cheat sheet for your dj set tonight? bpm counter pro is a simple to ...

By Chinchilla Tech

Fall-E Version 1.3.359
Fall-e is a game for palm pre and palm pixi. you have to roll the ball down as far as possible. to control the game tilt your phone left or right. ...

By Karge Software

1.49 CAD
OneDollar (Gesture Based Launcher) Version 1.2.1
Onedollar is a new gesture based launcher for webos. what does it do? well that's simple! upon launching the app, you are presented with a drawing ...

By RJAM Development

eMedicine Viewer Version 1.6.0
A quick-access mobile friendly utility to view emedicine articles from medicine.medscape.com. you can browse lists of articles or perform a custom ...

By Palmdoc.net

0.99 CAD
Reversi 2.0 Version 1.0.1
Reversi 2.0 is a web 2.0 take on a classic strategy board game. reversi was invented in 1883 & has entertained millions! if you like solitaire, pok...

By Pj Nation LLC

Let Me Google That For You Version 2.0.0
An amazing new app from a 15 year old app developer! we all have those friends, who ask too many questions. ever wish you could redirect those ques...

By Philip Bernstein

Monster Heads Version 1.1.0
Align 2 similar monster heads vertically and they disappear, clearing the board for new blocks. when every square on the board is cleared once, you...

By DS Effects

Blocked Car Version 1.1.0
The objective of this game is to get the yellow car out of the parking lot.

By DS Effects

Metro de Montreal Version 2.0.0
"metro de montreal" displays a map of the montréal métro system located in montréal, québec, canada. view the map in more detail by double-tapping ...

By B3it

0.99 CAD
Word Jumble Version 0.9.62
For a limited time, 50% off! word jumble is a great and addictive game that will keep you coming back for more! unscramble the jumbled words to r...

By Code of Doom

Swap & Drop Trial Version 0.5.9
**this trial version has limited features** swap & drop is similar to the popular bejeweled puzzle games, in which you swap (drag or tap) pieces to...

By Biocandy Labs

1.43 USD
Yule Log Version 0.0.7
Will not work in webos 2.0. do not purchase if you have webos 2.0. i am working on a fix & will get it out as soon as i can. your own cheerful ho...

By GoML Software

0.99 USD
GiftJammer Version 0.9.3
Stay organized and keep track of your gift and wish lists with giftjammer and you won't forget those important gifts for your loved ones (and for y...

By AppJammers, LLC

Remembeer Version 1.1.1
Track and rate the beers you drink. no more trying to remember the name of that microbrew from last night, just check your log and see how you rate...

By Gelb intergalactic

4.99 USD
RemoteWin Version 1.0.21
Access your pc remotely! with remotewin you can remotely control your windows pc from the palm of your hand! remotewin gives you a remote portal to...

By Deep Thought Software

1.49 USD
Chicago BusTracker Version 1.2.5
V1.2.5: support for multiple cards, track more than one stop. the premier webos client for the chicago transit authority bus tracker system. conve...

By Ifeanyi Okonkwo

RPN Calculator Version 1.1.1
A multifunction reverse polish notation calculator. reverse polish notation is a notation where operations are performed on a stack of values. it h...

By Chris Mondok