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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-d...

Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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1.99 CAD
Bank of America, Chase, Citibank Locator Version 2.0.0
Find your local bank of america, chase, or citibank branch... this app essentially uses data from b of a's, jp morgan chase's, and citi's web sites...

By James Derek Tate

Winter Babes (Keys) Version 4.8.3
The women of the winter olympics 2010 in vancouver. addictive learning game pits man versus machine. who's smarter? search bots find answers. gue...

By tEarn Media

foursquare Version 2.0.17
Update: fixed bug that prevented venues with lots of tips from loading; faster, more accurate gps; fixed a bug that prevented loading spinner from ...

By foursquare

Dec Bin Oct Hex Ascii Ebc Version 1.1.3
"dec bin oct hex ascii ebc" allows you to take a positive decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal, ascii, or ebcdic value and convert it across to any ...

By brothaGEEK.com

0.99 USD
Lunar Pal Version 1.2.1
Available in: english. lunar pal is the ultimate moon companion. it is also the most accurate one you can get! it includes large amounts of informa...

By Andy T. Evans

1.99 USD
Checkbook Version 0.8.740
Checkbook, a financial management application, allows you to efficiently track your finances on your webos-enabled device. checkbook allows you to ...

By GlitchTech Science

3.99 USD
Hebrew Calendar Version 1.2.4
## new features ## optional bottom tool bar ## shows personal dates below calendar hebrew calendar for webos is similar to the calendar applicatio...

By Avner Arbel

1.99 USD
pMuni Version 1.1.1
Now available from the makers of pbart for san francisco muni riders: pmuni. pmuni provides real-time muni arrivals information on your palm pre o...

By Chelvis Industries

0.99 CAD
.08 Legally Intoxicated Version 1.0.3
On sale for the weekend! get it now! .08 legally intoxicated is a blood alcohol content estimator. if you're drinking beer, wine or shots this ma...

By Pj Nation LLC

Angry Birds Lite Version 1.4.2
“lemme tell ya, these ain’t no ordinary finches we’re talkin’ about. these here are the angry birds, the ones that’s gonna kick you in the ‘nads. a...

By Rovio

myGEOtools Version 0.3.2
The mygeotools client is a great little helper for serious geocachers. it provides you with the most important code & decryption tables you nee...

By biggerCC

0.99 USD
Electro Dance Music Version 1.2.0
If you’re into tecktonik, milky way or electro dance music to move to on the streets or clubs, this app is for you. we give your 100 of the top son...

By Hewlett-Packard

0.99 USD
100 Proof Country Music Version 1.2.0
If you’re a good ol’ boy or girl, this collection of 100 proof country songs is for you. music that’s perfect after a hard day’s work followed by a...

By Hewlett-Packard

Pastry Recipes (Keys) Version 4.8.3
Pastry recipes of the americas. one app of the 50-app collection of 25,000 recipes for pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, shrimp, fish, lobster... e...

By tEarn Media

0.99 CAD
Algebra Formulas Version 1.0.0
Find all the equations, graphs, and formulas for algebra right here.

By Space Cash

Full Jigsaw Puzzle Version 1.0.0
This is a classic jigsaw puzzle game.** you can select any stored image or take a photo for the game. the configuration of the game board can be: 3...

By Arctic apps

NZ eq Version 0.1.0
Displays up to the minute earthquake information for new zealand, detailing time, size, depth, and map location. all data sourced from geonet (www....

By Haumohio

0.99 CAD
Copenhagen Metro Version 1.0.1
Find information about the metro railway system in copenhagen. you can find copenhagen metro map, lines and stations with ease. once installed thi...

By Nanonino

Big Cats (Keys) Version 4.8.3
Play pictionary with bots. search bots show photos. you guess the big cat. join the 500,000 plus who have downloaded keys apps.

By tEarn Media

0.99 USD
Top 100 ‘80s One Hit Wonders Version 1.2.0
You may be thinking what band or artist from the ‘80s wasn’t a one-hit wonder? all kidding aside, listen to our list of 100 songs and take yourself...

By Hewlett-Packard