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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker
We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-d...

Settlement reached in Palm Profile data loss class action suit
Ah, this takes us back. If you've been around webOS long enough, you might remembe...

HP signs onto app privacy disclosure agreement
It didn't take long for the big privacy brouhaha to turn out some results, eh? Tod...

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webOSroundup Beta Version 1.0.4
Presented in english. webosroundup.com is the premier source for news, app reviews and tips for getting the most from your palm webos devices. th...

By webOSroundup

Track My Transit - Boston Version 0.6.0
A simple and intuitive public transit application for webos. beta version: expires november 7th. 2010! currently the following agencies & lines ...

By The CodingBees

Chatty Version 1.0.0
Chatty is actually a chatterbot. talk to her, describe your problems and see if she can help. behind the scene chatty is an implementation of clas...

By Tarlog

VirtualCrossGolf Free Version 1.0.2
Play golf everywhere and every time. with virtualcrossgolf you can swing your phone to shoot the ball trough the city. you play golf virtually in t...

By omoco

0.99 CAD
Obama Soundboard Version 1.0.0
Barack obama inspired americans everywhere in 2008 and rallied to win the us presidency on the mantra of change. now you can relive some of his gr...

By Gale Force Mobile

0.99 CAD
Musical Notes Version 1.0.0
Play a song on your phone! musical notes offers you a collection of musical note sounds that you can play simply by clicking on an instruments nam...

By Gale Force Mobile

DFHA Version 1.0.3
This app allows fans of dogfish head beer to view the current draft boards at the three washington, dc metropolitan dogfish head alehouses.

By nosila.net

Find The Pairs (grey) Version 1.0.4
Available in: english, german. "find the pairs" is a game to train your memory. the goal of this game is to find the two corresponding pictures und...

By Andreas Thenn

Duck vs BP - Free Version 1.0.7
Caution – extremely addictive and amusing! this game is all about having fun, learning new things and saving the world. in a pollution-infested wo...


0.99 USD
Ski for Pre Version 1.7.7
Weave your way down the slopes, avoiding obstacles and making jumps to beat your highest score! use tilt controls to move your skier (or snowboarde...

By RJAM Development

Ski for Pre Lite Version 1.7.7
***added keyboard controls and inclusion in the global high scores list for lite users!*** weave your way down the slopes, avoiding obstacles and m...

By RJAM Development

0.99 USD
TV Version 1.0.0
Finally! this tv guide is uncluttered and elegant while quickly telling you what is playing on any tv screen in the united states.  just select you...

By Xon.net

2.99 CAD
mundu IM Version 1.1.0
An instant messenger for web os devices. it combines the online messaging services of aim, msn, yahoo, google talk , xmpp (jabber) and facebook cha...

By Geodesic Limited

1.19 CAD
Halloween Wallpapers Version 1.0.0
Halloween is less than two weeks away! scary halloween wallpapers por palm pre and pixi.

By Tagoror Networks

1.49 CAD
Amtrak Portal Version 2.5.0
Amtrak portal connects you to the amtrak site directly, in a convenient application that allows you to view the latest weather, train schedules, tr...

By James Derek Tate

0.99 CAD
Just a Flashlight Plus Version 0.7.5
More then just a flashlight app! it has a flashlight, strobe, colored strobe, and colors! it has the white flashlight for those dark rooms, and the...

By Patrick's App Creation

Darth Vader Breath Version 0.2.0
This is a star wars fan must have! vader breath gives power to prank, annoy, and crowd control through ultimate sound, and you can finally do it f...

By Free Awesome Sounds

6.99 CAD
RISK Version 1.0.26
Get the original game of strategic conquest! strategize with the same rule set as the classic board game and dominate the world! mobilize against c...

By Electronic Arts

0.99 CAD
NGConvert Version 1.0.1
Ngconvert is a unit converter for scientists and engineers, but designed for easy use by anyone. if you travel to the u.s. or great britain, you c...

By Norragulpha

Service Bell Version 1.0.0
Can't find anyone to help you? simply pull your mobile phone out of you pocket and ring the service bell! *** more on www.hausteinapps.com

By hausteinapps.com